Strategic Goal 1

By 2003, SWOSU will be serving 5,500 students and will have advanced its position as one of the premier universities in Oklahoma with an emphasis on quality education.


To achieve this goal, the University community will take the following steps, among others:

  • Provide quality programs of instruction in areas of high demand. This may include forming cooperative arrangements with other institutions to provide needed programs.
  • Incorporate faculty development programs to assist in the improvement of pedagogy.
  • Provide adequate numbers of courses to accommodate the demands of students.
  • Improve advisement services to students.
  • Seek greater diversity in the recruitment of faculty and students.
  • Initiate cooperative programs with government and business to provide opportunities for student internships, jobs for graduates, and more relevant educational experiences.
  • Improve the retention rate of students.
  • Continue to offer small classes.
  • Seek accreditation for all programs amenable to such action.
  • Promote long-range planning.