Graduation Rate Information

The published graduation rate you will see on the next link measures only about 40% of the graduates from SWOSU. The published number gives the number of first-time full-time freshmen who enter in the fall following high school and who graduate with a bachelor’s degree within six years from the same university where they began their college career.  This is a very narrow method of judging graduation because it completely ignores 60% of the first degrees earned at SWOSU.

It does NOT count:

  • students who started at another university but transferred and successfully completed a degree at SWOSU. 
  • students whose first degree is in pharmacy, because the Pharm.D. is a doctorate instead of a bachelor’s degree.
  • students who start college in the spring semester or who started as part-time students.
  • students who had to “stop out” of college for personal reasons and therefore took longer than 6 years to graduate. 
  • students who only intend to take their general education courses at SWOSU and then transfer to another university which offers a major which SWOSU does not have.  Those successful students lower SWOSU’s graduation rates because their degrees will not be earned at SWOSU.

Universities with more selective admission standards will always have higher graduation rates because all of their students are well-prepared for college curriculum.  Part of the SWOSU mission as a regional university is to offer all students the opportunity to gain the benefits that a college education can give them, even if it lowers SWOSU’s graduation rate.

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