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Judicial Board

We are committed to creating and sustaining a living environment for SWOSU ’s students conducive to learning and personal growth. Our mission as the Judicial Board is to handle residence hall issues fairly and in the interest of the students and the University.


The Residence Hall Judicial Board exists to provide a fair and expedient means of handling discipline problems or incidents that occur in the residence halls. The Board is comprised of one representative from each residence hall.

The J-Board is beneficial to SWOSU’s Administration in two key ways. First, it provides the Housing Coordinators with a fair and unbiased means for issuing sanctions beyond their scope of discipline. Second, it frees the Council of Housing Coordinators and Residence Life Director to handle only the most severe of issues.

The J-Board is beneficial to SWOSU’s students in a number of ways. First, it allows accused students the opportunity to explain their situations to an unbiased, equally represented board of their peers. Second, it allows students to be sanctioned by their peers with the Council of Housing Coordinators serving the appeal process. Finally, the J-Board serves as an excellent leadership opportunity for the selected resident-representatives.

These benefits only graze the surface of the advantages and potential that the J-Board has for SWOSU. Such a student-led governing body aids in maintaining the high standards of residence life. The J-Board promotes a learning environment for the residence halls. It is the J-Board’s responsibility to maintain an appropriate environment conducive to learning, scholarship, community and fun. Through the control of incidents that threaten this learning environment, the J-Board plays a key role in the cultural climate of residence life.

All of the sanctions issued by the J-Board reflect educational values through focused attention on learning from circumstances rather than mere punishment. The J-Board wants students to walk away from the hearing experience as better residents and students.

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