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Oklahoma Hall

Oklahoma Hall is a five-story facility that houses 400 female residents. From a central foyer on each residence floor, a wing extends in each direction. The central foyer includes a lounge area, laundry room, exterior balconies, and RA living quarters. Each wing has 12 rooms and its own renovated bathroom. The ground floor has a well equipped kitchen, TV lounge, study room, game room, vending area, and a life-sized chess set. The front desk is located at the main entrance of the building near the resident mailboxes.

Resident rooms are typically furnished for double occupancy and include 2 regular sized twin beds with built in storage below, 2 desks and chairs, 2 closets with built in dresser drawers and a sink. Any of these rooms may be reserved as private rooms as space permits. For convenience, all rooms include TV cable service and wireless internet service free of charge. Residents are free to bring additional personal items, storage units, and shelves.

Oklahoma Hall prides itself on being a place full of laughter, fun, friends, and activities. The Hall participates in building wide activities that include all residents. Such events include open mic Night, monthly movie nights, ice cream socials, and much much more.