Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Policy

Effective Date 7-1-2011

Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress toward a degree as stipulated in the chart below to receive financial aid at SWOSU from the following programs: Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal Work Study, Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG), Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan, Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan and Federal Parent PLUS Loan. Satisfactory Progress is measured by Pace (amount of hours earned/amount of hours attempted) and GPA (quality of work) and maximum hours allowed to complete a degree.

Undergraduate Classes Graduate Classes
Total Hours Attempted from All Institutions 1 - 30 31 - up All
Minimum Retention G.P.A. 1.70 2.00 3.00
Minimum % of Total Hours Successfully Completed (Pace) 67% 67% 67%
Maximum Total Hours Attempted Allowed for Earning a Degree
(Additional Undergrad. Work maximum includes all undergraduate hours. For Pharmacy, students must be accepted and enrolled in the Pharmacy program. Students must be accepted into a graduate program to receive aid for grad. hours.)
100 - Associate Degree

129 – 2nd Assoc. Degree

186 - Bachelor Degree

215 - Associate after Bachelor Degree

240 - 2nd Bachelor Degree

295 - Accepted Pharm. Doc. Majors
48 - 1st Masters Degree

66 - 2nd Masters including 48 for 1st Masters
Students must also have a 2.0 at the end of their second academic year or after four terms.


  1. S.A.P. is calculated each semester or when aid is first awarded for the year.
  2. FINANCIAL AID WARNING will be given to students who in the previous term did not meet the requirements above. These students are eligible to receive aid for one semester.
  3. FINANCIAL AID SUSPENSION will be required for any students on Warning who do not meet the requirements shown above. This status also applies to students who do not meet the requirements above and do not appeal. Students cannot receive funds from the aid programs listed above while not making S.A.P. (See Appeals) Students may reestablish aid eligibility by meeting the requirements above. Aid will be reinstated in the following term.
  4. FINANCIAL AID PROBATION. This is available to students who have successfully appealed their S.A.P status after being on suspension. If an appeal is granted students remain eligible for one semester. Students cannot receive consecutive appeals.
  5. Rules are applied uniformly to all students whether or not aid has been received previously.
  6. Eligibility is reestablished after the student improves their scholastic record to meet the minimum standards.
  7. Spring students cannot receive aid for a fall term where they were calculated as not making S.A.P at the end of the fall term.


  1. Transfer students must submit all prior transcripts and have hours put online by the registrar before eligibility can be determined. All transfer hours accepted count toward the total hours attempted.
  2. Transfer students who have completed one prior semester will be eligible for a Warning term if not meeting cumulative requirements.
  3. Transfer and returning students who do not meet the conditions explained above are entered on financial aid suspension.
  4. Students who left SWOSU with an approved appeal and return after non-attendance are considered to be on financial aid probation when they return.
  5. Students who leave SWOSU in good academic standing and return after a period of non attendance and have not attended another institution are considered to be in good academic standing when they return.


  1. For financial aid purposes, all grades of A, B, C, D, S, P, F, W, WP, WF, I, N, X and U are hours attempted.
  2. Only grades of A, B, C, D, S, P and N are counted as hours successfully completed. CLEP classes count as hours attempted and completed. They have no grades assigned.
  3. Audit classes are not eligible for financial aid and are not counted as Hours Attempted.
  4. All classes attempted at all institutions are used in S.A.P. calculations.
  5. Remedial classes count as hours attempted and completed but do not affect GPA.


  1. Financial Aid SAP suspension may be appealed. The student must submit a Request for Appeal to the Dean of Students at the Weatherford campus or Student Financial Services Officer at Sayre. Appeals must explain in detail why the student failed to meet the minimum academic standards, what mitigating circumstances caused the failure and how their situation has improved.
  2. Students must submit a copy of their suspension letter along with their request for appeal.
  3. The appeals committee will make a written response available to be picked up by the student where they turned in the appeal.
  4. Students must meet all conditions of appeal approval in order to continue receiving aid until they regain full eligibility.
  5. All decisions of the appeals committee are final.
  6. Appeals can not be approved for terms that are already ended.


  1. The appeals committee at the Weatherford or Sayre Campus may recommend an academic plan for some students.
  2. The academic plan must bring the student up to academic progress by a certain point in time. Students who have academic plans will be evaluated each term to see that the academic plan is being met.
  3. Students who do not meet the requirements of the academic plan are placed on suspension.
  4. Students who are placed on suspension after not meeting the requirements of the plan may reestablish SAP by meeting the requirements above. Aid will be reinstated after the term when SAP is established.
  5. Students on academic plan must complete all classes in the term. (Cannot have "Incompletes")


Students are held responsible for their S.A.P. eligibility criteria and their status at the end of each semester. If questions arise, contact the Office of Student Financial Services. NOTE: The hours attempted shown on your grade record do not include withdrawals. To properly monitor your S.A.P. progress, manually count all credit hours earned and divide by the hours attempted on your academic record.