The ABCs of Student Life

From: Dean of Student’s Cindy Dougherty


Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act:  Any student with a disability can initiate “reasonable accommodations” by meeting with the Dean of Students, Cindy Dougherty after being accepted to the University. She can be found in Stafford 214 or by calling ext. 3767. All ADAAA questions related to students should also be addressed to the Dean.

B. Behavior Issues

Can always be confidentially referred/reported to the Dean of Students. Faculty members will receive a report from the Dean on each referral. Students, whether victim or perpetrator will receive a report of investigation results.

C. Career Services and Counseling

Career Services – exists to provide a number of services to students who are selecting a major, securing internships, part-time positions, summer work opportunities and full-time employment upon graduation.  Visit them in Stafford 209 or contact them at ext. 3233.

Counseling - Of all types is available through the Office of the Director, Student Counseling Services, Kim Liebscher, at ext. 3776, located in the Wellness Center 146.

D. Drugs

SWOSU is a drug free campus.

E. Extra Help

The Office of Retention Management is here to give extra help. They are here to assist students achieve their academic goals, specifically those students admitted with core subject deficiencies. Contact Wendy Yoder at (580) 774-6037 for more information.

F. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Is the students’ right to privacy as law. No faculty or staff member should share any student information with any non-university employee. All such requests should be referred to the Dean of Students. This includes external inquiries from parents, potential employers, et. all.  Information shared between university employees is on a “need to know basis.” Students may sign away this legal right by meeting privately with the Dean of Students.

G. Gender Issues

Fill our days in the offices of the Dean of Students, Counseling, the University Nurse, and others.  We care for students dealing with restraining and protective orders, battling HIV/Aids, working through heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual issues, and transgender issues. As such, referrals to any of these three offices are appropriate.

H. Harassment

Is not tolerated at SWOSU. We are a zero tolerance environment. Any student harassment issues, whether the student is the victim or the perpetrator, should be confidentially reported to the Dean of Students immediately.

I. International Student Services

Randy Beckloff is our campus International Student Affairs Coordinator, located in the Administration Building, room 208-A. His extension is 6172.

J. Judicial Officer

At SWOSU is the Dean of Students for the campuses at Sayre and Weatherford. In Residence Life, Res Life Director Chad Martin handles all issues with the assistance of the J-Board. 

K. Klubs and Organizations

120 exist on the SWOSU campus. Lists of them, their sponsors, and presidents are available in the Office of the Dean of Students and Director of Student Activities, Stafford 214 or on their website.

L. Laura Smith is our University Nurse

Laura Smith is our campus nurse with offices in the Wellness Center, room 158 to help all students with health and wellness. Her extension is 3776.

M. Medical Excuses From Class

DO NOT EXIST, but, students’ doctors often do notify the Dean of Students and the Dean notifies the relevant faculty members. It is up to the faculty, whether or not an absence is excused.

N. New Student Orientation

NSO offers a variety of programs designed to help new students make a smoother and more successful transition into college life.  Contact Jessica Skinner at ext. 3233 or stop by the NSO Office (STF 209).There are nearly 50 students who work with and help run NSO. Interested in helping? Come on by!

O. Offers of Financial Aid

Student Financial Services provides financing services for student attending SWOSU and are located in Stafford 224.  Most students begin the process of applying for aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  When the application is processed and supporting documents are provided SWOSU will provide information to students on the awards they are eligible for.    Students should review all SWOSU emails and Campus Connect/My SWOSU to review required documents or awards.

P. Policies

By which students must live at SWOSU are found online under Administration, click on the Dean of Students then to Student Handbook.

Q. Questions

Just ask – we are all here to help.   All Student Life phone numbers are listed under “Z.”

R. Registrar

Ours is great and he does all the typical registrar stuff plus he/his office handles all veterans benefits, degree checks, and much more. See Daniel Archer in Admin. 108 or at ext. 3777.

S. Suicide

If suspected or threatened should be reported to the Dean of Students, Chief of Safety, University Nurse or Director of Counseling. We will all be involved in crisis management, so whomever you find first will help. Use our cell or emergency numbers (printed below) if needed-or 911.

T. Testing

For all ADAAA students, is available to all faculty members through the Office of the Dean of Students. Professors and students must arrange test time/date through the office in advance.  Forms are available on the Dean’s page of the SWOSU web site.

U. Unresolved Student Complaints

Against faculty are first referred by the Dean of Students back to that faculty member. If not resolved here with faculty and student, they then go to the department chair, then to Dean of the College, then to Provost. The Dean of Students is the student’s advocate throughout this process.

V. Very Involved

SWOSU proudly boasts a strong Greek community and other clubs and organizations. These young men and women are servant hearted and fun. This is a great way to get involved socially and to serve our campus community. For more information contact the Dean of Student’s office at  

W. Wellness

Is that for which we strive. The Wellness Center is open to all students, and is a big part of SWOSU. The staff can be reached at ext. 3047, with Scott Miller as the Director.

X. Xeroxing

Can be done by all students free of charge at the SGA Center. However copying is limited to 25 pages per day and no textbooks can be copied. It is located at the corner of College and Broadway. SGA can be reached at 774-0615 (you must dial the 774.)

Y. Yearly Events

Coordinated through the Office of the Dean of Students include: Alcohol Awareness Week, America Recycles Day, Battle of the Genders, Best Vets Fest, Black History Week , Bulldog Blitz, CAB Bash, CAB Retreat,  Chili Cook-off, Constitution Days, Dawg Days, Earth Day, Homecoming, Hypnotist, International Student Awareness Week and Bazaar, Martin Luther King Celebration, Native American History Week, and Women’s Her-story Week. Feel free to volunteer early for the one with which you wish to help. Bring a new event idea to the Dean anytime. That’s where these events come from!

Z. Zany Behavior

Happens with each and every student at some point. Thank you for dealing with them or bringing them to my attention. I’m your dean in good times and bad and we always have chocolate!

If you want help from Student Life professionals, we can be reached at:

Student Lifers

Here to Help...

Office/DirectorPhone Number
Retention Management 580-774-6037
Admissions 580-774-3782
Assessment/Testing 580-774-7084
Vice President for Student Affairs 580-774-7172
Bursar 580-774-3018
Campus Safety 580-774-3111
Career Services 580-774-3233
Counselor 580-774-3776
Dean of Students - Office
Financial Aid 580-774-3786
Food Services 580-774-3166
New Student Orientation 580-774-3233
Nurse 580-774-3776
Physical Plant 580-774-3100
Registrar 580-774-3777
Residence Life 580-774-3024
Wellness Center 580-774-3047