Upward Bound Alumni 1969

Eric McGill
Eric McGill

Eric attended UB from 1967-69 and graduated from Clinton High School in 1969.  He attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR and the Goodman School of Drama in Chicago, where in majored in Theatre and graduated in 1973.  Eric is employed by Gordon & Rees LLP as a litigation secretary and is also acting with Bay Area Theatre Sports during improvisational theatre.  He lives in Oakland, CA.

Comments: I remember a black and white television in the dorm lounge. We brought our record players and transistor radios for entertainment. It was a good time. I found the support, both academically and spiritually, to apply for school in Portland, Oregon. I had considered Northwestern State College in Oklahoma, but Portland, Oregon was another world. My parents had a problem with me attending UB in the summer. They wanted me to stay at home and work. The opportunities and support outweighed their considerations and I'm glad, to this day, that they allowed me to attend.