Email Aliases and Web Addresses

The e-mail aliases listed are meant to serve as the primary address to be listed on a department or unit's website as well as on printed marketing material. The full e-mail address for the alias given is The web address given will serve as a permanent URL for the department.

Department/UnitWeb AddressE-mail Alias
Admissions and Recruitment admissions
Allied Health, School of alliedhealth
Alumni alumni
Art art
Arts & Sciences, College of cas
Assessment Center assessment
Athletic Training Program atep
Athletics athletics
Behavioral Sciences, School of behavsci
Benefits benefits
Biology biology
Bursar bursar
Business Affairs busaffairs
Business and Technology, School of business
Career Services careers
Center for Economic and Business Development cebd
Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning distance
Cheerleaders cheer
Chemistry chemistry
Collegiate Activities Board cab
Computer Science compsci
Conference Center confcenter
Copyright Compliance Officer   copyright
Crowder Lake University Park crowderlake
Dean of Students studentdean
Education education
Executive Vice President vpaf
Fine Arts Center finearts
Graduate Studies graduatestudies
Health Care Administration hca
Health Information Management him
Health Sciences healthsci
Helpdesk (ITS) *** helpdesk
Human Resources hr
Information (General) *** info
Information Technology Services its
Institutional Research research
Interdisciplinary Studies interdisiplinary
Intramurals intramurals
Jobs (Human Resources) *** jobs
Kinesiology kinesiology
Language Arts langarts
Licensing *** licensing
Mailroom mailroom
Master of Business Administration
Mathematics math
Medical Technology medtech
Music music
Nursing, School of nursing
Oklahoma Small Business Development Center *** osbdc
Parks and Recreation Management prm
Pharmacy, College of pharmacy
Pharmacy Continuing Education *** pharmacyce
Pharmacy Foundation *** swpharmacy
Pharmacy Pharmat CE National Organization *** pharmat
Physical Plant physplant
Physics physics
Pom Pon Squad *** pom
President president
Professional and Graduate Studies, College of cpgs
Psychology psych
Public Information (News) news
Public Safety safety
Registrar registrar
Residence Life reslife
Retirement (Human Resources) *** retirement
Sayre sayre
Social Sciences socsci
Southwestern, The *** thesouthwestern
Sponsored Programs osp
Sports Information sportsinfo
Student Counseling Services scs
Student Financial Services sfs
Student Government Association sga
Student Health Services nurse
Student Union and Food Services auxservices
Technology tech
University Press univpress
Upward Bound upwardbound
Vice President for Academic Affairs provost
Vice President for Student Affairs ap
Web and Creative Services webmaster
Wellness Center
Westview *** westview
Writing Center *** writingcenter