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Concurrent Enrollment of High School Students

SWOSU invites high school students to step ahead by earning college credit prior to graduation. The Concurrent Enrollment packet for high school students wishing to enroll in college courses at SWOSU is available online or by contacting the Admissions and Recruitment Office at 580/774-3782. This packet contains both the requirements and the forms necessary to enroll in courses at SWOSU.

In March of 2006 the State Regents approved a permanent policy for the tuition waiver for concurrently-enrolled high school seniors. The tuition wavier had been offered during 2005-06 on a pilot project basis. The policy authorizes the waiver for up to six credit hours per semester or summer term. It defines a "high school senior" as a student who has completed their junior year but has not yet graduated. Theoretically, a student could use the wavier for a total of 18 hours of college credit-- 6 in the summer following their junior year, 6 in their senior fall semester, and 6 in their senior spring semester. There are no family income limits or restrictions to qualify for the waiver. The waiver does not cover other mandatory fees (activity fees, facility fees, library fees, technology fees, etc.) or the cost of books.

Concurrently enrolled students must meet the minimum requirements set by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Students must have a minimum of a 20 on the ACT, or have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and rank in the top half of their graduating class. Students must complete an application for admissions, provide transcripts, ACT scores and complete the school and parent recommendation/verification form. These forms can be obtained from the Concurrent Enrollment packet or by contacting SWOSU’s Admissions and Recruitment Office at 580/774-3782.

Combined high school and college course load limitations will be monitored and enforced. Furthermore, students may only enroll in academic areas (English, math and science) where the corresponding ACT subtest score reflects a minimum of a 19. An ACT score of 19 must be achieved on the reading subtest to enroll in any other subject (history, psychology, humanities, intro to public speaking, etc.).

For additional information please contact the Admissions and Recruitment Office at (580)774-3782.

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