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Enrollment Management Mission Statements

The Enrollment Management department strives to enrich the educational environment of SWOSU by streamlining the university’s recruitment, admissions, orientation and career services processes for our students.  And, as a byproduct, improve student retention and graduation rates for our undergraduate enrollment.

The Enrollment Management department is an association of university partners consisting of: the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, the Office of New Student Orientation and the Office of Career Services.  This association will develop and continually reevaluate a comprehensive enrollment management strategy that is consistent with university goals, mission and resources.

Office of Admissions and Recruitment Mission

The Office of Admissions and Recruitment is committed to supporting students in their educational and personal goals through student-centered services, programs and opportunities.  We strive to attract, admit, enroll and retain a diverse, qualified and desirable student body for the SWOSU campus.

New Student Orientation Office Mission

The New Student Orientation Office is committed to providing programs that will ease the transition of our new students and their family members to SWOSU. Through our programs students are introduced to opportunities that encourage engagement in the academic, cultural, and social components of the undergraduate experience at SWOSU.

Career Services Office Mission

The Career Services Office provides services for all SWOSU students and alumni to assist individuals in selecting a major, securing internships, summer work opportunities and full-time employment.  We strive to assist students in preparing to live, learn, work, compete and serve in global community.

The focus is you.