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Agho and Garo Armoudian

Agho and Garo Armoudian

Agho  and Garo Armoudian,  retired Southwestern professors, moved to Weatherford in 1968 from  New York City where Dr Armoudian was employed by Columbia University as a postdoctoral research associate.  The Armoudians chose Weatherford because Dr. Al Harris, President of SWOSU at the time, offered a high salary teaching position in physics to Dr. Armoudian.  They discovered that Weatherford was the kind of community they were looking for to raise their family — friendly people, open and safe space for their young children to play in, and  small school environment for them to be educated. 
Dr. Armoudian taught physics courses at SWOSU for 32 years and was the chair of the Department for ten years before he retired in 2000.  Agho Armoudian joined the Language Arts Department of SWOSU in 1970, teaching composition, literature,  and philosophy courses until her retirement in 2001.

The Armoudians have been strong promoters and supporters of SWOSU as well as the Weatherford community.   They have provided student scholarships  in the Physics and Language Arts programs at SWOSU and have supported the new hospital in Weatherford.  Recently, they have been supporting the Scholarship program for the SWOSU Athletics program, and this year they have joined the donors for the President's Leadership program.

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