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Alfa Abame Name – Alfa Abame
Hometown – Stillwater, OK
Major – Biology/Pre-Med
Classification Junior
"Something About Me" – I can speak fluently in Amharic and I aspire to positively impact the world.
Favorite Thing About SWOSU – The small classes sizes and the many opportunities to get involved in the community.
Favorite Spot on Campus - The Bulldawg Beanery.
Random Facts About Me – I was born in Ethiopia and I immigrated to the United States when I was 5 years old. I also dislike the word moist. 
Tanner Boyd Name – Tanner Boyd
Hometown – Weatherford, OK
Major – History
Classification – Junior
"Something About Me" – I’m a legacy in the Admissions and Recruitment office.
Favorite Thing About SWOSU – I love the small class sizes and all the professors being open to just talk outside the classroom.
Favorite Spot on Campus – My favorite spot has to be the Bulldog Beanery; coffee is always a college kid’s best friend.
Random Fact About Me – I have a cat named after the wife of the 32nd President of the United States. Also, Thunder Up!
Jake Gregston Name - Jake Gregston
Hometown –
 Duncan, OK
Major -
Minor - Chemistry
Classification -
"Something About Me" -
 I love international mission work, primarily in Uganda.
Favorite Thing About SWOSU –
 The community at SWOSU is amazing!
Favorite Spot on Campus -
 The Student Union, it’s where the food happens!
Random Fact About Me -
 I have a serious Netflix addiction . . . it feels good to let the world know! 
Makenzy Hamon Name – Makenzy Hamon
Hometown – Piedmont, OK
Major – Elementary Education
Classification – Sophomore 
"Something About Me" - I have four younger siblings!
Favorite Thing About SWOSU - I love the friendliness and genuinely kind hearts that students and staff here at SWOSU have. 
Favorite Spot on Campus - The Admissions and Recruitment office… because the coolest people on campus work there!  
Random Fact About Me – I absolutely love spending my time outdoors with my friends and family. 
Natalie Haworth Name – Natalie Haworth
Hometown – Weatherford, OK
Major – Dental Hygiene
Classification – Junior 
"Something About Me" – I am a cheerleader for SWOSU
Favorite Thing About SWOSU – I love being right in my hometown and so close to my family.
Favorite Spot on Campus – The Bulldog Beanery… Always gotta get my caffeine fix!
Random Fact About Me – I hate when my nose is cold.
Seth Odam Name – Seth Odam
Hometown – Tuttle, Oklahoma
Major – Pre-Optometry 
Classification –Sophomore
"Something About Me" – I’m a Sports Junkie. #ThunderUp 
Favorite Thing About SWOSU – The abundance of friendly people on campus.
Favorite Spot on Campus – My favorite spot is the Wellness Center. So many possibilities for activities!
Random Fact About Me – I can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute.
Alex Ehrhart Name – Alex Ehrhart 
Hometown – Norman, OK
Major – Pharmacy
Classification – Senior
"Something About Me" – I enjoy reading, running, and watching “Castle.”
Favorite Thing About SWOSU – The people! Everyone is so friendly and endearing. I also love that Weatherford has that “small town” feel.
Favorite Spot on Campus – The Wellness Center because they have so much to offer students!
Random Fact About Me – My favorite animal is a giraffe.
Important Dates
  • SEP
  • 2015

Parents' Day
  • OCT
  • 2015