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First Time Freshmen

If you would like to request a Freshman Application Packet, set up a campus visit, or get additional information concerning Southwestern Oklahoma State University please contact the Admissions and Recruitment Office, (580) 774-3782. Also, visit the Admissions and Recruitment home page for additional information.

Performance Requirements

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If you have graduated from an accredited high school and have met the Oklahoma High School 15 unit core curricular requirements (see above), you are eligible to make application to Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Applicants to the Weatherford campus must meet one of the following performance requirements:

  1. Minimum ACT of 20 (940 SAT) OR
  2. Rank scholastically in the upper 50% of his/her graduating class and an overall high school GPA of approximately 2.7 OR
  3. Have a high school GPA of 2.7 (4.0 scale) in the 15-unit core curriculum.

SWOSU at Sayre has an Open Admissions Policy. Contact the Sayre Campus for additional information (580) 928-5533 or 5534.

Proficiency Requirements

Students having an ACT score of 18 or below in any of the four subject areas of Math, English, Reading, or Science have the option of

  1. Taking a computerized placement test (CPT) to determine their level of placement in classes OR
  2. Enrolling in remedial classes for non-credit.

Students with an SAT verbal or quantitative scores below 455 will also have the above options.

In order to use computer technology more effectively, keyboarding proficiency is necessary. Students having taken a typing or keyboarding class have satisfied this requirement. Students who do not meet this requirement must take and pass a proficiency exam or enroll in a one-credit hour keyboarding class during their first semester.

Students electing to take the CPT or typing proficiency exam should contact the Assessment Center at (580) 774-7084.

The focus is you.