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Athletic Hall of Fame

Chuck Edwards

For more than 31 years Chuck Edwards was the “Voice of the Bulldogs” covering and broadcasting Southwestern sports teams to a large and loyal following. Edwards called more than 3,600 football, basketball, baseball, softball and rodeo events in his sports broadcasting career that spanned a total of 45 years. He called SWOSU games in 15 states across America from Washington to Tennessee and all parts in between.

Chuck grew up in Duncan where he attended Cameron Junior College and later graduated from the Elkins School of Broadcasting in Dallas. Edwards spent his first two years in the radio business at Altus and Duncan before moving to New Mexico where he served as sports and news director for stations in Farmington and Aztec.

He moved to Weatherford in 1977 where he quickly found a home on KWEY AM/FM. Edwards professionalism was legendary. He was easily the most thorough and prepared media representative in attendance. Often colleagues would make the statement that a person better be “on his game” because rest assured Chuck was always on his.

His distinctive play-by-play call contained such detail and carried so much enthusiasm that any listener could easily imagine what exactly was happening based on his vivid descriptions.

Edwards was on the air to call many of SWOSU greatest success stories including its five women’s NAIA national championship games, two football NAIA championship contests, and college national finals rodeo title runs.

Edwards was the first Oklahoman to receive the prestigious Lone Star Conference Broadcaster of the Year award in 2003. He was inducted into the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame in March of 2008.

Chuck and his wife, Charlene, have a two grown children.