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Distinguished Alumni

Darrel Bose

Darrel Bose - 1989

Darrel Bose is a native of Bessie and graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics in 1970.  He completed a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Oklahoma State University in 1971. 

After receiving his master’s degree, he was hired by ARCO (Atlantic- Richfield) as an operations analytical engineer in Midland, Texas.  He was transferred to Alaska in 1976.  Later that year, he was promoted to senior operations analytical engineer.  In 1980, he became equity area engineer and in 1982 he was promoted to Kupasuk engineering manager.  In 1983, Darrel was transferred to Houston as off-shore operations manager. 

In 1985 he became operations manager for both off-shore and on-shore.  Later that year he was transferred to ARCO International Oil and Gas Company in Los Angeles as vice president of engineering and technology.  During this year, he was transferred to ARCO Oil and Gas Company in Dallas as manager of planning and evaluation.

Darrel and his wife, Dianne, have four children:  Tanya, Holly, and twin boys, Brock and Brent.  They make their home in Plano, Texas.