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Distinguished Alumni

Colonel (Ret.) Herbert M. Fix

Colonel (Ret.) Herbert M. Fix - 2014

Colonel (Ret.) Herbert M. Fix enjoyed a long and successful career in the United States Marine Corps. Fix was awarded the Harmon International Aviator Trophy of the Year for 1975 by President Gerald Ford.  The award has been given only to a select group of people with such people as Charles Lindbergh, Sen. Barry Goldwater, Thomas P. Stafford and other astronauts winning the award.

Fix was born and raised on a farm near Elk City, graduating from Merritt High School in 1952. He then attended SWOSU, graduating in 1956 with a degree in education with majors in biology and physical education and a minor in business.

Upon graduation, he joined the USMC to become a Marine Corps aviator. Upon completion of flight school, his duty stations included stops around the world. He retired as a USMC Colonel in 1982.

During his commission, he flew numerous aircraft and after transitioning into rotary wing aircraft, flew several different types of helicopters. His flying experience included flying on and off aircraft carriers USS Hancock, USS Ticonderoga, USS Enterprise and USS Midway. He was commanding officer of three squadrons—one Marine Air Control squadron and two CH-53 helicopter squadrons.