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Distinguished Alumni

Douglas Keazler

Douglas Keazler - 2005

After graduating from SWOSU in 1979, Dr. Keazler received his doctorate from Northwestern (IL) University followed by a year as a postdoctoral associate with Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann at Cornell University.

He then started his academic career in the chemistry department at Oregon State University, where he has been involved in both research and teaching, recently being selected to chair the department. Dr. Keazler’s research has focused on the discovery and development of high-tech materials, and many unique discoveries have been made that have both fundamental and practical value, the latter including:

.: The best nonlinear optical crystal for generating UV    laser light.
.: Most efficient high-field green-emitting electro luminescent device.
.: First demonstration of low-temperature deposition and crystallization of ceramic thin
   films on plastics.
.: Part of team involved in the invention of the transparent transistor.
.: Part of OSU/HP team demonstrating transistor fabrication with an ink-jet printer.
.: First examples of materials that are simultaneously highly luminescent in the visible    and p-type conductors.
.: Unique materials for advanced solid-state solar cells.

Keazler has spent much of his time outside Oregon State University in both national and international collaborative projects and as a technical advisor to various companies. He has been published extensively, holds many patents and is sought after as a lecturer and presenter for both national and international conferences. He has written many research grants as well as receiving many honors, awards and fellowships.

He also owns Brilliant Technologies, Inc., which is involved in manufacturing materials that are used to control production and secure the functioning of products in consumer-electronics markets.      

Keazler’s outside interests involve patronage of the arts including the Portland Opera, Oregon Symphony, Portland Art Museum, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. He also enjoys traveling, cross-country skiing and rounds of golf with his wife, graduate students, colleagues and numerous Oregon State alumni. Past hobbies have included sheep herding and dog agility with his national champion border collie.