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Distinguished Alumni

W. T. Malone

W. T. Malone - 1982

W. T. Malone, a Southwestern State graduate in 1950 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, was born outside of Hamlin, Texas and graduated from Hamlin High School at the age of 16.  He worked his way to Encinitus, California in 1941 and worked for Thorne’s Gladiola Flower Farm for two years.  He joined the U.S. Navy in 1943.  Following boot camp in San Diego he became a member of the Navy Armed Guard.  These were Navy men placed on Merchant Marine Ships to man Navy guns.  Following Navy ordinance school, he served on the S.S. Horace Lee, S.S. John Sherman, and S.S. Victory H. Kelly in both the South Pacific and European theatre.  He received his Honorable Discharge in January, 1946.

His mother moved to Hollis so he moved with her to help farm.  He started Southwestern Oklahoma State University in the fall of 1946 and completed his degree in 1950.  He started to work for Halliburton Services, formally Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Company, as a chemist in the Chemical Research and Development Department.  Promotions and advancements started in 1952 when he became the senior chemist; in 1955 the Development Chemist; in 1959 the Group Leader; in 1965 he stepped up to Section Supervisor; 1971 to Assistant Manager; 1973 to Manager of Chemical Research and Development and May 1, 1981 be became General Manager of Research. 

While employed at Halliburton Services, he attended night school and classes on weekends until he received his Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering in 1971 from the University of Oklahoma.  Mr. Malone is a member and has held various offices in Chemical and Petroleum organizations.  He has obtained several patents and authored and presented numerous technical papers for meetings and schools in the United States, South American, Canada, China, Russia, and England. 

His hobbies include hunting, fishing, scuba diving, photography, and amateur radio in which he holds a general license.  He is a reserve officer in the Stephens County Sherriff’s Posse.  He also presents a slide presentation on “Drug Abuse” to various clubs, organizations, and schools in Stephens and Comanche Counties. 

W.T.  passed away in 1998 is survived by his wife Vicki Joy and three children: Richard (a SWOSU graduate), who has two children; Janene L. Bodfield, who has one daughter, and Nancy L. Malone.  W.T. and Vicki are members of the Comanche Church of Christ where he serves as deacon and class teacher.