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Distinguished Alumni

Richard Morris

Richard L. Morris - 1997

Richard L. Morris is a native of Weatherford and son of former SWOSU Academic Vice President Louis Morris and his wife, VaNita.  Morris is a 1962 graduate of Southwestern and a 1959 gradate of Weatherford High School. 

Morris has been involved in pioneering micro vascular surgery.  He developed the micro vascular surgery training program at Duke University and wrote and illustrated one of the first laboratory manuals for that type of surgery.  This first position as a plastic surgeon came in 1979 when he was an assistant professor at the Medical College of Georgia.  He later joined a practice in Virginian Beach, VA., for six years and then built his own office.  Morris pioneered several liposuction techniques and helped found Lipolysis Society of North America. 

His practice has developed into a mostly cosmetic surgery practice.  During his years at Southwestern and the University of Oklahoma Medical School, Morris worked his way through college by doing various jobs including farming, sign painter, research assistant, curator for research animals, and janitor. 

During his medical internship at St. Anthony Hospital, he was drafted by the U.S. Army.  He spent nine years in the service attaining the rank of lieutenant colonel in the medical corps.  Morris has been involved in reconstruction work, especially with children.  Several of the surgeries were gifts from the heart with no money or media coverage allowed.  He operated recently on two children from Venezuela, one child with a congenital, hair nevus covering half her face and the other a 5-year-old boy who was a victim of burns of the face, neck, chest, and arms.  He also helped a 7-year-old child who suffered a dog bite to the upper lip.  The dog bit the lip completely off.  Morris reattached the lip and applied medical leaches to bring back the blood supply.  The child now looks beautiful and can only notice a very fine scar above the upper lip. 

Morris recently moved with his family to Knotts Island, N.C., where he is renovating the historic Currituck Gunning and Fishing Club.  He and his wife, Kate, have six children:  John, Shawn, Allison, Jonathan, Erin, and Kaitlin.  Morris’s hobbies include sculling, running, fishing, and art.