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Distinguished Alumni

Ron Scott

Ron Scott - 1990

Ron Scott was born in Strong City, OK, and is a graduate of Cheyenne (OK) High School.  He received his degree in physics and mathematics in 1957.  He received a Master of Science degree in engineering mechanics in 1968 from the University of Alabama.  He also received a master’s degree in science, technology, and public policy from Indiana University in 1971. 

Ron retired from NASA in 1983 after 25 years of dedicated and rewarding public service.  During his tenure with the NASA program, he was a part of many outstanding projects.  From 1957- 1960, he worked with the Army Ballistics Missile Agency in missile development.  He was a project engineer responsible for trajectory analysis and final flight tapes for missile 50 and 51. 

He was also the project engineer for Pershing I, responsible for performance and flight dynamics.  He served as project engineer from 1961-68 at the Aero-Astrodynamics Laboratory during the preliminary design, development and launch of the Saturn V.  He received a sustained superior performance award for original work on Lunar Logistics System utilizing the Saturn V.  He developed a rapid convergence optimization program for lunar descent and landing, adapting the “new” interactive guidance mode for flight path optimization. 

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, Scott served as Chief of Performance in the Flight Mechanics Division.  They formed an Advanced Systems Development organization to focus on major news systems for NASA, following the Apollo program.  He managed a staff of approximately 30 engineers and a support contractor effort of 50.  He served on and supported organizationally agency-wide task teams and boards such as Space Shuttle Task Group and Space Station Source Evaluation Board in Washington, D.C. 

In 1983, he established R.D. Scott Associates, a highly- successful engineering and management consultant firm.  Ron is married to Pat Hughes Scott who is from Tulsa.  They have three children and three step children.  Ron’s mother, Alta Scott, lives in Cheyenne as well as his sister Tillie.