Southwestern Oklahoma State University

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Alumni and Friends
100 Campus Drive
Weatherford, OK 73096
Phone: (580) 774-3267
Fax: (580) 774-7055

Board of Directors

2014-2016 Officers

President Mike Wilkes
President Elect Philip Busey, Jr.
Vice President Julie Stalder
Secretary Melani Mouse
Treasurer Linda Redinger
Past President Dianne Hunter
Director Garrett King

Board Members

Philip Busey Johnny Beech 
Jared Deck Larry Claxton
Harvey Minton Bryce Conway
Kelly Pease Stephen Nelson
Cory Pence Carter Robinson
Ronnie Walker Kay Robinson
Basil Weatherly Debbie Shepard
Mike Wilkes Tracie Simard
Harold Wright Julie Stalder
2015Ex-Officio Members
E. Vann Greer Andrews Randy Beutler, SWOSU President
Rebecca Baugher Garrett King
Teed Bishop Rouben Tourian
J. Bryan Blackwell Todd Boyd
Jerry Burch Patti Harper
Dianne Hunter Rouben Tourian
Melani Mouse Kari Jones
Molly Priest Todd Thurman
Linda Redinger SGA President
Moush Tourian
Alumni Board of Directors Committees and Offices