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CEBD Student Intern Program

In 2006 the Center for Economic and Business Development initiated an internship program to promote economic development. These internships are designed to provide students with real-world experience assisting area businesses and industries. University professors and CEBD staff advise student interns and assign projects that allow the students to work as a team and develop and strengthen their teamwork abilities.

Experiences range from designing and presenting marketing and business plans to create financial reports and company web pages to even providing foreign language translation and interpreting documents for managers and employers in the manufacturing settings. Interns may also be given the opportunity to assist clients with updating and organizing their financial records and calculating business valuations. These hands-on experiences help prepare the student interns for real-world scenarios and allow them to work with a variety of clients in different industries.

Interns selected for the program may be upper level or graduate students. They are individuals enrolled in a wide variety of fields of study, including business, technology, communication arts, and graphic design. The student interns also have the option to earn academic credit for their internship experience. Interns are paid for their services either by the CEBD Internship program, a grant initiative, or a company that employs them in conjunction with the studentís university program. Currently SWOSU-CEBD is initiating research in the area of conducting internships in high skill, high tech industries.