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NCAA Continuing Eligibility Information

To be eligible to represent Southwestern in intercollegiate athletics competition, a student-athlete shall maintain satisfactory progress toward a baccalaureate or equivalent degree as determined by the regulations of the institution.  Eligibility for competition shall be based upon:

  1. Satisfactory completion prior to each fall term of a cumulative total of academic semester hours equivalent to an average of at least 12 semester hours during each of the previous academic terms in academic years in which the student-athlete has been enrolled full-time in a term or terms or,
  2. Satisfactory completion of 24 semester hours of academic credit since the beginning of the previous fall term or since the beginning of Southwestern’s preceding regular two semesters.

Additional Satisfactory Progress Provisions

The student-athlete shall:

  • Earn at least 75 percent of the minimum number of semester hours required for satisfactory progress during the regular academic year.   
  • Earn no more than 25 percent of the minimum number of semester hours required for satisfactory progress during the summer.
  • Designate a program of studies leading toward a specific baccalaureate degree at Southwestern by the beginning of the third year of enrollment (fifth semester) and thereafter shall make satisfactory progress toward that specific degree. This provision shall be applicable to the eligibility not only of a continuing student, but also of a transfer student from a four-year or two-year collegiate institution who is entering his or her third year of collegiate enrollment (fifth semester).
  • Obtain and complete the Declaration of Degree Program form and schedule a degree check in the Registrar’s Office.  Classes taken must be on the degree check in order to count for satisfactory progress.
  • Use credits acceptable toward any of Southwestern’s degree programs during the first two years of enrollment.
  • Be able to change a designated degree program and comply with satisfactory progress requirements if (1) the change in programs is documented appropriately by the Registrar’s Office, (2) the credits earned prior to the change are acceptable toward the degree previously sought and (3) the credits earned from the time of the change are acceptable toward the new desired degree.

Remedial, tutorial or noncredit courses may be used by the student to satisfy the minimum academic progress requirement only if they meet all of the following conditions:

  1. The courses must be considered by the institution to be prerequisites for specific courses acceptable for any degree program;
  2. The courses must be given the same weight as others in the institution in determining the student’s status for full-time enrollment;
  3. Noncredit courses may not exceed the maximum institutional limit for such courses in any baccalaureate degree program (or the student’s specific baccalaureate degree program once a program has been designated).  For example, a varsity sport class (football) can only be counted twice for satisfactory progress; and
  4. The credit in such courses shall not exceed 12 semester hours, and the courses must be taken during the student’s first academic year of collegiate enrollment.

NCAA Continuing Eligibility Grade Point Requirement

A student-athlete must also meet minimum grade-point average requirements in order to be eligible to compete in intercollegiate athletics at Southwestern.  To fulfill this provision, a student-athlete must achieve the following cumulative minimum grade-point average (based on a maximum of 4.00):

  1. After the completion of the first season of competition: 1.60;
  2. After the completion of the second season of competition:  1.80;
  3. After the completion of the third season of competition and subsequent seasons of competition:  2.00