Committee Assignments

Audit Committee

Audits the financial activities of the Faculty Senate

Jim Long (Chair)
Tammy Blatnick
Stacey DiPaolo
Kristin Griffeath

Budget and Program Committee

Evaluates the distribution of university funds

Brad Bryant (Chair)
Lisa Castle 
Tiffany Kessler 
Linda Pye
Trisha Wald 

Curriculum Committee

Advises and makes recommendations regarding all curricular issues

Ann Russell (Chair)
John Bradshaw
Krista Brooks
Tommye Davis
Jerry Dunn
Evette Meliza

Judiciary Committee

Answers questions regarding the intent and meaning of the Faculty Senate Constitution

Marcy TannerJim Long (Chair) (CPGS)
Krista Brooks (COP)
Dayna Coker (CAAP)
Sunu Kodumthara (CAS)

Nominating Committee

Organizes elections for selected university standing committees

Scott Long (Chair)
Brad Bryant 
Doug Linder 
Karen Sweeney 
Linda Pye 

Personnel Policies Committee

Makes recommendations regarding policies related to faculty tenure, promotion, class loads, salary and benefits, and dismissal

Wayne Trail (Chair)
Lisa Castle 
Ryan Haggrad 
Tom McNamara 
Cynthia Pena
Les Ramos

Student Affairs Committee

Advises and makes recommendations regarding all matters relating to the student body and student policies

Ryan Haggard (Chair)
Ron Koehn 
Kris Mahlock 
Lisa Schoeder
Karen Sweeney
SGA Representative

University Policies Committee

Advises and makes recommendations concerning university policies relating to the academic calendar, schedules, faculty handbook, and university matters not assigned to other Faculty Senate committees

Les Ramos (Chair)
Danya Coker 
Tom McNamara 
Bo Pagliasotti 
Wayne Trail 
Muatasem Ubeidat