Faculty Workshop

Verification of Textbooks for Each Semester


* The Bookstore is required by the book companies to include the ISBN number when ordering books and materials. This number verifies that the correct book has been ordered.

Deadline to send department runs to Chair

  • Fall - 1st Monday, March
  • Spring - 1st Monday, October
  • Summer - 1st Monday, March

Deadline for deletions, additions, and department runs to be returned to bookstore

  • Fall - March 15
  • Spring - October 15
  • Summer - March 15
  1. Any changes in textbooks and instructional materials must be requested in writing. Please note the changes on the Text Adoption form . This form must be processed through the department chairman and sent to the Bookstore prior to the deadline. (Note dates given in chart above.) No changes should be made after the deadline.
  2. If a book is adopted as "required" text, instructors are expected to use the book as part of the class instruction. Please list text as "optional" if it will not be required.
  3. Text Adoption forms used to verify the name of the text, publisher, edition, *ISBN (International Standard Book Number), whether the text is "required or optional", and an estimated enrollment, will be sent to the department chairman to be completed and/or checked for accuracy. The Text Adoption form must be returned to the Bookstore by the established deadline. (Note the deadline is the same as that used for deletions and additions.)
  4. If there is a change in instructors, please notify the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Bookstore immediately. (The new instructor may request a textbook change up to one month before the semester starts).
  5. All sections of each general education course will use an identical textbook. Faculty teaching the same course in other areas (not general education) are encouraged to use the same text and materials.
  6. Copies of all deletions, additions, and Text Adoption forms are sent to Ratcliffe's by the department chairs.
  7. The Bookstore will notify the department chairman of all books not received within two weeks of the class starting date. The department chairman should encourage faculty to check the shelves for accuracy prior to the end of the current semester, so that any problems may be solved before classes start.