Employee Directory

Al Harris Library

Email names are followed by @swosu.edu.


Mr. Jason Dupree
Assistant Professor
Director of Libraries
Phone: 580-774-7081
E-mail: jason.dupree
Home Page: http://faculty.swosu.edu/jason.dupree

Ms. Janet Grabeal
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 580-774-7023
E-mail: janet.grabeal


Mr. Frederic Murray
Assistant Professor
Instructional Services Librarian
Phone: 580-774-7113
Email: frederic.murray
Home Page: http://faculty.swosu.edu/frederic.murray

Periodicals and Government Documents

Ms. Jane Long
Assistant Professor
Periodicals and Government Documents Librarian
Phone: 580-774-3731
E-mail: jane.long
Home Page: http://faculty.swosu.edu/jane.long

Ms. Barbara Roddam
Government Documents, Periodicals, and Binding Technician
Phone: 580-774-7022
E-mail: barbara.roddam
Home page: http://faculty.swosu.edu/barbara.roddam

Public Services

Ms. Erin Ridgeway
Assistant Professor
Head of Public Services
Phone: 580-774-3130
E-mail: erin.ridgeway

Ms. Ashlee Merritt
Resource Sharing Technician
Phone: 580-774-7026
E-mail: ashlee.merritt

Ms. Jennifer Macaulay
Circulation Services Coordinator
Phone: 580-774-3031
Email: jennifer.macaulay

Reference and Digitization

Mr. Phillip Fitzsimmons
Assistant Professor
Reference and Digitization Librarian
Phone: 580-774-3030
E-mail: phillip.fitzsimmons
Home Page: http://faculty.swosu.edu/phillip.fitzsimmons

Mr. David Reed
Digitization Technician
Phone: 580-774-7024
E-mail: david.reed

Systems and Web Management

Mr. Jon Woltz
Assistant Professor
Systems and Web Management Librarian
Phone: 580-774-7074
E-mail: jonathan.woltz
Home Page: http://faculty.swosu.edu/jonathan.woltz

Mr. Doug Reichmann
Media and Systems Technician
Phone: 580-774-7069
Email: doug.reichmann
Home page: http://faculty.swosu.edu/doug.reichmann

Technical Services

Ms. Linda Pye
Assistant Professor
Technical Services Librarian
Phone: 580-774-7021
E-mail: linda.pye
Home Page: http://faculty.swosu.edu/linda.pye

Ms. Janet Black
Technical Services Technician
Phone: 580-774-3089
E-mail: janet.black
Home page: http://faculty.swosu.edu/janet.black

Mr. Dale Evans
Acquisitions Technician
Phone: 580-774-3737
E-mail: dale.evans
Home Page: http://faculty.swosu.edu/dale.evans

McMahan Library

Ms. April Miller
Assistant Professor
Phone: 580-928-5533, ext. 2185
E-mail: april.miller
Home Page: http://faculty.swosu.edu/april.miller

Ms. Dianna Mosburg
Library Technician
Phone: 580-928-5533, ext. 2157
E-mail: dianna.mosburg
Home Page: http://faculty.swosu.edu/dianna.mosburg


Ms. Rosemary Kerlick