Southwestern Oklahoma State University
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SWOSU Announces Spring 2011 Graduates


Approximately 494 students from Southwestern Oklahoma State University at Weatherford will complete requirements for bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees after the 2011 spring semester.

Convocation will be Saturday, May 7, at 10 a.m. at Milam Stadium on the Weatherford campus. Students who will receive their degrees include:


  • SPRINGDALE—Sarah Souvannachak, B.S. in Health Sciences.


  • ELK GROVE—Zen Zhang, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • SACRAMENTO—Shane Scott, B.S. in Exercise Science.


  • COLORADO SPRINGS—Jonathan Moser, B.S. in Parks and Recreation;
  • LAMAR—Robyn Marquez, M.Ed. in Reading Specialist;
  • PUEBLO WEST—William Schwartze, B.S. in Parks and Recreation.


  • JACKSONVILLE—Gregory Richardson, B.A. in Communication Arts.


  • CALDWELL—Holly Weston, B.A. in Criminal Justice.


  • ELWOOD—Brandon Barber, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship;
  • FORT WAYNE—Jacquelyn Converset, B.S. in Health Information Management.


  • SIOUX CITY—Ryan Richtermeier, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship.


  • COLBY—Reagan Coulter, B.B.A. in Finance;
  • EL DORADO—Melissa Stanfield, Bachelor of Social Work;
  • EMPORIA—Michelle Bartley, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • LIBERAL—Mariah Cline, M.Ed. in School Counseling;
  • TRIBUNE—Jentri Hahn, Doctor of Pharmacy;


  • SOUTH PARIS—James Libby, B.B.A. in Finance.


  • MOUNT VERNON—Dakota Brown, B.S. in Health Sciences; Cassandra Robertson, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • SEDALIA—Kelly Bolin, M.Ed. in Sports Management;
  • WEBB CITY—Caleb Morey, Doctor of Pharmacy.


  •  BROKEN BOW—Laura Tierney, Bachelor of Social Work.


  • BUFFALO—Ty'shaun Pace, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies.


  • ADA—DerekWheeler, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Vanessa Wheeler, B.S. in Health Sciences and B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Studies;
  • ALTUS—Henry Cowan, B.S. in Computer Science; Jennifer Elix, B.S. in Nursing; Jessica Madl, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • ANADARKO—Lacy Koch, B.S. in Nursing; Michele Perdasofpy, B.S. in Nursing;
  • ARAPAHO—Lani Barrick, B.S. in Elementary Education; Allison Radke, Bachelor of Social Work; Adam  Richardson, B.B.A. in Finance;
  • BARTLESVILLE—Joey Baker, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Kimberly Hester, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Rod Lancaster, Doctor of Pharmacy; Ross Moore, B.B.A. in Management;
  • BESSIE—Kenzie Intemann, B.S. in Parks and Recreation;
  • BETHANY—Chad Thurman, B.S. in Parks and Recreation; Lindsey Tilk, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • BIXBY—Sharon Beets, M.S. in Community Counseling;
  • BLAIR—Dana Butchee, B.S. in Organizational Leadership; Debbie Holt, M.Ed. in School Counseling;
  • BLANCHARD—Rebecca-Anne Wayland, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • BOISE CITY—Joseph Robinson, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • BRISTOW—Deborah Ponder, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • BROKEN ARROW—Justin Andes, B.S. in Computer Science; Tyler Hardin, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Jennifer Prater, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • BUFFALO—Leobardo Rios, B.B.A. in Accounting; and B.B.A. in Finance;
  • BURNS FLAT—Krista Boone, B.A. in English; Tanya Hiss, Bachelor of Social Work;
  • BUTLER—Kortney Fieselman, B.B.A. in Marketing; Joshua Lee, B.S. in Parks and Recreation;
  • CALUMET—Neal Kennedy, B.B.A. in Finance; Melissa VonTungeln, B.S. in Elementary Education; Erin Wix, B.S. in Nursing;
  • CANTON—Bode Bond, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Kathrine Gipson, M.B.A. in Business Administration; Logan Howard, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Alicia Sanderson, M.Ed. in School Psychometrist; Eric Seifried, B.S. in Parks and Recreation;
  • CANUTE—Kayla Dewitt, B.A. in Communication Arts and B.A. in Political Science; Carlie May, B.S. in Nursing;
  • CARNEGIE—Ivan Martinez, B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Angela Morgan, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • CEMENT—Holley Ladymon, B. S. in Biological Sciences;
  • CHEROKEE—Kendall Smith, B.S. in Nursing; Tana Turney, M.Ed. in Health and Physical Education;
  • CHESTER—Baxter Stewart, B.B.A. in Accounting;
  • CHEYENNE—Patricia Daniels, B.S. in Nursing; Carol Garrison, B.S. in Nursing;
  • CHICKASHA—Stephanie Ast, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Graphic Design; Danica Brown, Doctor of Pharmacy; Zachary Howe, B.B.A. in Management; Brianna Richardson, B.S. in Nursing; Cassie Stanley, B.S. in Nursing; Amanda Thomas, B.S. in Nursing;
  • CHOCTAW—Lea Williams, B.A. in Art Education;
  • CLAREMORE—Christa Hart, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Joy Hatfield-Couch, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • CLEVELAND—Jennifer Mingus, B.A. in English; Heather Moffitt, B.S. in Psychology; Carter Simmons, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • CLINTON—Jessica Acosta, B.S. in Nursing; Paul Adams, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship; Laci Brewer, B.B.A. in Management; Sheila Eddy, M.Ed. in School Counseling; Stefanie Edgar, B.A. in Criminal Justice; Anjali Gandhi, B.S. in Health Care Administration; Mandy Hull,, M.S. in Community Counseling; Oveta Lira, Associate in Science General Studies; Joel Marquez, B.S. in Computer Science; Bryan McCarther, B.B.A. in Finance; Tammie Moss, M.Ed. in Social Sciences Secondary Education; Hilda Rodriguez, B.S. in Health Sciences; Dinora Roldan, B.B.A. in Finance and B.B.A. in Accounting; Natalie Simpson, B.S. in Chemistry; Gary Stephens, B.S. in Nursing; Luzella Williams, B.B.A. in Marketing; Haley Wilson, B.S. in Elementary Education;  
  • COLONY—Ethan Gee, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship; Lindsay McNeill, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship; Rupert Nowlin, M.Ed. in Parks & Recreation Management;
  • CORDELL—Kent Abernathy, B.S. in Health Sciences; Whitney Finch, B.A. in Chemistry; Candice Gaffney, B.S. in Nursing; Justin Law, B.S. in Computer Science; Erica Martin, M.Ed. in Parks & Recreation Management; Kelsey Nonast, B.S. in Health Information Management;
  • COVINGTON—Ashley Rink, M.Ed. in Mathematics Secondary Education;
  • CUSHING—Andrea Bruce, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Shane Bruce, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Robert Coates, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • CUSTER CITY—Janae Chittum, B.S. in Nursing; Sandra Perreault, M.S. in Community Counseling;
  • CYRIL—Brooke Landes, B.A. in Criminal Justice;
  • DAVIS—David Chaffin, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • DELAWARE—Kevin Stacy, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • DOVER—Stacy Matthews, Bachelor of Social Work;
  • DRUMRIGHT—Brian Burden, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Krista Burden, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Joni Carroll, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Tara Osterhout, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Donna Power, Bachelor of Music Performance (Piano/Orchestra);
  • DUNCAN—Kaitlyn Arwood, B.S. in Health Care Administration; Kimberly Butler, Bachelor of Music Education–Instrumental; Jeremy Gage, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Dakotah Jung, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • DURANT—Amanda Campo, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • EDMOND—Elizabeth Howard, B.A. in English; Luke McCollom, B.S. in Parks and Recreation; Jordan Oglesby, B.B.A. in Marketing;
  • EL RENO—Nicholas Brown, B.S. in Psychology; Russell Chandler, B.S. in Nursing; Tanner Hodgkinson, B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Erin Lembke, B.A. in Communication Arts; Dustin Pointer, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship; Krista Rhodes, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Anthony Scabby, B.S. in Computer Science; Dillon Young, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • ELDORADO—Krystle James, B.S. in Biological Sciences;
  • ELK CITY—Leslie Acuna, B.B.A. in Finance; Micaela Bounds, M.Ed. in Health Sciences & Microbiology; Jamie Brock, B.S. in Elementary Education; Cassandra Burpo, M.S. in Community Counseling; Blake Bustin, B.B.A. in Finance; Jeremy Cantrell, M.Ed. in Parks & Recreation Management; Jessica Dean, B.S. in Nursing; Alyssa Hefner, Bachelor of Social Work; Kassi Kilhoffer, B.S. in Nursing; Kolby Kilhoffer, B.B.A. in Finance; Casie Leal, B.B.A. in Accounting; Shilo Leatherman, B.B.A. in Accounting; Adam McCown, B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science; Tiffany Morris, B.A. in Political Science; Malorie Mullens, Doctor of Pharmacy; Jazmin Ortiz, B.A. in Spanish; Melissa Smith, B.S. Health Information Management; Janel Spitz, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Two-Dimensional Studies; Valerie Stewart, B.B.A. in Accounting; Sarah Stringer, B.S. in Health Information Management; Gina Sullivan, B.S. in Elementary Education; Taner Williams, B.A. in History; Erin Willson, B.B.A. Entrepreneurship;
  • ELMER—Kelsey Haught, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • ENID—Coulter Clark, B.S. in Athletic Training; Xavier Prince, B.B.A. in Management; Sara Thomas, B.B.A. in Management;
  • ERICK—Sharon Cummins, B.S. in Organizational Leadership; Sadie Steward, B.S. in Nursing;
  • FAIRVIEW—Kendra Griffin, B.A. in History; Rodney Keck, B.S. in Engineering Technology; Kay Koehn, M.Ed. in School Counseling; Jonathan Nightengale, B.S. in Nursing; Zachary Pembrook, Doctor of Pharmacy; Jason Wallace, B.S. in Engineering Technology; FAY—Gerald Greening, B.S. in Nursing; Loura Lumpkin, Bachelor of Social Work;
  • FLETCHER—Martin Curry, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • FORT COBB—Dalton Holdge, B.B.A. in Finance;
  • FORT SUPPLY—Cherice Fox, B.S. in Elementary Education; Travis Long, M.Ed. in Sports Management;
  • FOSS—Stephen Duerr, B.S. in Engineering Physics; Charlene Kuhn, B.B.A. in Accounting;
  • FREDERICK—Courtney Abernathy, B.S. in Health Sciences; Jade Cope, Bachelor of Social Work; Larry McElroy Jr., M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Jennifer Nevarez, B.S. in Health Care Administration;
  • GEARY—Sierra Goodwin, B.S. in Health Sciences; Lisa Mayer, M.S. in Management;
  • GRANITE—Tammy Brooks, B.S. in Nursing;
  • GUTHRIE—Teresa Ezersky, B.S. in Parks and Recreation;
  • GUYMON—Jessica Bressler, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • HARRAH—Donald Casey, Doctor of Pharmacy; Felicia Raihl, B.B.A. in Accounting;  Erich Spaeth, Bachelor of Music Education-Instrumental and Bachelor of Music Performance (Orchestra);
  • HEADRICK—Diana Flood, B.S. in Health Information Management;
  • HEAVENER—Jonathan Stripling, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • HENNESSEY—Nathan Shaw, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • HINTON—Kamela Brookshire, B.B.A. in Management; Glenn Flock, M.Ed. in Parks & Recreation Management; Amber Mitchell, B.S. in Early Childhood Education; Shana Wright, B.S. in Psychology;
  • HITCHCOCK—John Collins, B.B.A. in Finance; Wendy Hiebert, B.A. in English; Meghan Meier, B.S. in Health Sciences; Jennifer Osorio, B.B.A. in Accounting;
  • HOBART—Carrie Boyd, B.S. in Early Childhood Education; Bradley Reents, M.Ed. in Sports Management;
  • HOLLIS—Loriann Sanchez, Bachelor of Social Work;
  • HYDRO—Kassidy Burchett, B.S. in Nursing; Lucio Garcia, B.S. in Industrial Technology; Daniel Houk, B.S. in Computer Science; Kristen Lasley, M.Ed. in Reading Specialist; Janelle Lawrence, B.S. in Elementary Education; Ryan Lutz, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design; Michael Miller, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design; Jeremy Moxley, B.S. in Health and Physical Education;
  • INOLA—Cara Walz, B.A. in Criminal Justice;
  • JENKS—James Glaze, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Janna Shehan, B.S. in Biological Sciences;
  • KEYES—Kelsey Lowe, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • KINGFISHER—Rakista Hampton, B.B.A. in Management; Antonio Rodriguez, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • KREBS—Jon-Andrew Martin, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • KREMLIN—Angie Albert, B.S. in Nursing; Bethany Schmidt, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • LAHOMA—Kathryn Dorton, Bachelor of Music Education-Instrumental;
  • LANE—Matthew Cochran, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • LAWTON—Cory Campbell, B.A. in Chemistry; Patricia Campbell, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Amber Nobert, Doctor of Pharmacy; Jeremy Parks, Doctor of Pharmacy; Jerri Santos, M.Ed. in School Counseling; Janet Vazquez, B.S. in Psychology;
  • LONE WOLF—Jessica Black, B.B.A. in Finance; Casey McKay, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • MANGUM—Allison Ford, B.S. in Health Care Administration; Kelli Kyle, B.B.A. in Accounting; John Merritt, B.S. in Psychology; Mark Reese, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Jason Stover, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • MARLOW—Jessica Jacobi, B.S. in Nursing;
  • MENO—Craig Hobson, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Lianna Mueller, B.S. in Natural Sciences Education;
  • MERIDIAN—Kimber Bohard, B.S. in Nursing;
  • MIDWEST CITY—Misty Schumann, Bachelor of Music Education-Instrumental;
  • MILBURN—Michael Pilkington, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • MINCO—Becky Landon, M.S. in Community Counseling;
  • MOORE—Blaine Bridges, B.B.A. in Management; B. Hinkle, Doctor of Pharmacy, Dustin Morningstar, Bachelor of Music Performance (Piano/Orchestra); Rukiya Williams, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • MOORELAND—Kyrstin Sparks, B.B.A . in Accounting;
  • MORRIS—Daniel McChesney, B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Jessica McChesney, Bachelor of Social Work;
  • MOUNTAIN VIEW—Lindsey Bottom, Bachelor of Social Work; Dana Davis, M.Ed. in Early Childhood Development;
  • MUSKOGEE—Holly Redeagle, B.S. in Health Care Administration;
  • MUSTANG—Katelyn Deak, Doctor of Pharmacy; Wendy Jones, B.A. in English; Jonathan Null, B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Allison Ramsfield, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Bailey Williams, B.S. in Exercise Science; Brandy Williams, B.S. in Early Childhood Education;
  • NEWALLA—Alyssa Casey, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • NEWCASTLE—Beverly Rupert, B.S. in Nursing;
  • NICOOMA PARK—Steven Stone, B.S. in Computer Science;
  • NORMAN—Laura Etherton, B.S. in Health Information Management; Bryan Kalhor, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • OAKWOOD—Lisa Chain, B.A. in English;
  • OKLAHOMA CITY—Sara Abernathy, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Kristin Basler, Doctor of Pharmacy; Jessica Brown, M.Ed. in Education Administration; Kimmel Brown, B.B.A. in Accounting; Adam Burns, B.S. in Athletic Training; Kevan Copeland, B.S. in Parks and Recreation; Brent Fivecoat, B.S. in Nursing; Matthew Green, Doctor of Pharmacy; Heather Hoock, B.S. in Health Sciences; Jaison Jose, Doctor of Pharmacy; Estrella Lopez Ortiz, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design; Renji Mathew, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Roy Melakayil, Doctor of Pharmacy; Matthew Miller, Doctor of Pharmacy; Amanda Moseley, Doctor of Pharmacy; Brandy Nawaz, Doctor of Pharmacy; Tara Newton, Doctor of Pharmacy; Matthew Parten, Doctor of Pharmacy; Phu Pham, Doctor of Pharmacy; Maxin Quaye, B.S. in Nursing; Laura Rousseau, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Karsten Smith, Doctor of Pharmacy; Summer Smith, M.Ed. in Parks and Recreation Management; Brantley Underwood, B.S. in Health Sciences; Jeffery Vest Jr., B.S. in Mathematics; Sloane Wellner, B.B.A. in Marketing; Shelby Winters, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • OKMULGEE—Brent Giddens, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • OWASSO—Tera Santistevan, B.S. in Biological Sciences;
  • PERRY—Vanessa McCool, B.S. in Health Information Management;
  • PIEDMONT—Jeffrey Croy, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Britini Root, B.S. in Nursing; Whitney Sawatzky, M.Ed. in Health Sciences & Microbiology;
  • PONCA CITY—Mindy Hamrick, Doctor of Pharmacy; Karl Lynes, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Benjamin Steichen, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • POND CREEK—Timothy Winter, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • POTEAU—Ashley Collins, B.S. in Biological Sciences and B.S. in Natural Sciences Education;
  • PUTNAM—Tara Richardson, B.B.A. in Accounting;
  • RINGWOOD—Zack Fielder, B.S. in Parks and Recreation;
  • RUSH SPRINGS—Tarence Ballard, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • SAND SPRINGS—Daniel Brimmer, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • SAYRE—Karla Chaparro, B.B.A. in Finance; Gloria Hughes, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Carla Parker, B.S. in Nursing; Lacy Puckett, Doctor of Pharmacy; Zachary Sanders, B.S. in Exercise Science; Valerie Sheffield, B.S. in Elementary Education; Kara Shrader, B.S. in Health Sciences; Jason Williams, B.S. in Parks and Recreation; Kelsey Wynn, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • SEILING—Matthew Duffy, B.S. in Engineering Technology;
  • SENTINEL—Gregory Britton, B.B.A. in Finance; Desirae Corbin, B.S. in Nursing; Clinton Gillham, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • SHAWNEE—William Chapman, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • SHIDLER—Tamara Golay, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • SPENCER—Cesiley Rideau, B.S. in Athletic Training;
  • SPERRY—Jared Parker, B.S. in Parks and Recreation;
  • STROUD—Jade Wyre, B.S. in Nursing;
  • TAHLEQUAH—Heather Husted, M.Ed. in School Psychometrist;
  • TECUMSEH—Jenny Braziel, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • THOMAS—Vicki Abernathy, B.S. in Information Systems; Jerrod Frost, B.S. in Computer Science; Kenzi Kimble, B.S. in Exercise Science; Morgan McNeill, B.S. in Parks and Recreation; Darrel Merkey, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Charissa Zoschke, Bachelor of Music Performance (Vocal Music);
  • TIPTON—Hannah Gray, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • TULSA—Elizabeth Barnhart, Doctor of Pharmacy; Susan Casteel, Doctor of Pharmacy; Brandon Evetts, Doctor of Pharmacy; Wanda Gonzalez, Doctor of Pharmacy; Elvieanna Haines, Doctor of Pharmacy; Patrick Kariuki, B.S. in Nursing; Mary McFadden, Doctor of Pharmacy; Tiffany Romasanta, Bachelor of Music Therapy-Vocal/K; Lakesha Seals, B.S. in Biological Sciences;
  • TUTTLE—Blake Mounce, B.S. in Health and Physical Education;
  • TYRONE—Sheela Rogers, M.Ed. in School Counseling;
  • WASHINGTON—Gena Reese, B.S. in Nursing; Pamela Winchester, B.S. in Nursing;
  • WATONGA—Julie Forrest, B.B.A. in Marketing; Ciara Nitzel, B.S. in Nursing; Tyler Rickey, B.S. in Park Law Enforcement;
  • WAYNOKA—Marisa Tolson, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • WEATHERFORD—Jasmin Adibi, B.S. in Health Sciences; Eunice Arias, B.S. in Nursing; Bryan Baker, M.S. in Management; Elizabeth Baumann, B.S. in Nursing; Cherry Bowen, B.S. in Athletic Training; Lavonna Bradstreet, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Colby Brewster, Doctor of Pharmacy; Evan Brooks, B.A. in Political Science; Joshua Buxton, Bachelor of Music-Elective Studies; David Catron, B.A. in Political Science; Telisha Christian, Bachelor of Social Work; Sean Connelly, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship; Emily Coppock, B.S. in Nursing; Sara Crawford, B.A. in History; Sarah Cunningham, B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Tiffany Davis, B.S. in Health Information Management; Natalie Day, B.A. in Communication Arts; Laura Deaton, B.S. in Nursing; Drew Detherow, B.A. in English; Jamie Devoss, B.S. in Parks and Recreation; Joshua Doering, B.A. in English; Angela Edwards, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Krystal Edwards, Bachelor of Social Work; Carissa Fischer, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Jill Floyd, Doctor of Pharmacy; Lucas Folkerts, B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Kenneth Gregory Jr., B.S. in Parks and Recreation; Natalie Hall, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Kayla Hart, B.S. in Nursing; Caitlin Harwell, B.A. in Political Science; Gregory Hayes, B.S. in Health and Physical Education; John Howell, B.S. in Engineering Technology; Kandi Huereca, B.S. in Mathematics; Paul Hummel, M.Ed. in Parks & Recreation Management; Teresa Humphreys, B.A. in Criminal Justice; Kevin Hyde, M.Ed. in Sports Management; Dustin Jarnagin, M.Ed. in Parks & Recreation Management; Jonathan Johnson, B.S. in Parks and Recreation; Sarah Johnson, Bachelor of Social Work; Natasha Jones, M.S. in Community Counseling; Dawn Keller, M.Ed. in School Counseling; Kalie Kerth, Doctor of Pharmacy; Crystal Kluver, B.S. in Nursing; Sharon Lawrence, M.Ed. in Health Sciences & Microbiology;  Kendra Lee, B.B.A. in Management; Beatriz Lopez, B.B.A. in Accounting; Montana Matheson, B.B.A. in Management; Kari McCoy, Bachelor of Social Work; Aaron McDonald, B.S. in Health Sciences; Laci McSperitt, Bachelor of Social Work; Amber Minton, B.A. in Communication Arts; Melissa Nichols, B.A. in Criminal Justice; Dana Oliver, M.Ed. in Reading Specialist; Kalyp Oliver, B.S. In Athletic Training; Christopher Parton, B.S. in Engineering Technology; Kayla Payne, B.S. in Nursing; Sarah Pebley, B.S. in Psychology; Haley Pinon, M.B.A. in Business Administration; Charles Price, B.S. in Health Sciences; Angela Reyes, B.S. in Psychology; Trevor Ridgeway, M.Ed. in Parks & Recreation Management; Larci Robertson, B.S. in Psychology; Tanner Rush, B.A. in History; Tyler Shadid, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Gregory Smith, M.Ed. in Parks & Recreation Management; Ethan Sperle, B.A. in Communication Arts; Shana Stephenson, B.S. in Health Sciences; Christy Sterba, B.S. Health Information Management; Lacey Strunk, B.S. in Early Childhood Education; Sari Tawe, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Melissa Taylor, B.S. in Psychology; Tyler Tignor, B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Tasha Toelle, B.S. in Psychology; Vanina Toffessi Tcheuyap, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Mandy Washa, B.A. in Criminal Justice; Clint White, B.B.A. in Finance; Kaylee Williams, B.S. in Health Information Management; Sylvanus Williams V, Bachelor of Social Work; Kevin Wilson, B.S. in Chemistry; Shawn Wright, M.Ed. in Parks & Recreation Management;
  • WOODWARD—Braden Bierig, B.B.A. in Management; Eryn Brooks, B.A. in Communication Arts and B.A. in English; Amanda Byrn, M.B.A. in Business Administration; Trey Combs, B.A. in Criminal Justice;  Ricky Frech, B.A. in Communication Arts; Kelly Lockhart, B.B.A. in Management; Josh Melton, B.A. in Criminal Justice; Danielle Merchant, B.S. in Exercise Science; Tyler Powell, B.A. in Communication Arts; Shane Thompson, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • YALE—Tiffany Hixson, M.Ed. in School Counseling;
  • YUKON—Joshua Adkinson, M.S. in Management; Jonathan Austad, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design; Rachel Boster, B.S. in Health Sciences; Paul Bradley, B.S. in Nursing; Amanda Cord, B.S. in Nursing; Stacey Creger, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Jason Doran, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Rachel George, B.S. in Health Sciences; Kati Hoskins, B.S. in Elementary Education; David Kifer, B.A. in History; Angela Lopez, B.S. in Parks and Recreation; Caleb Roberts, B.A. in History Education; Laurie Rozzell, B.S. in Nursing; McKenzie Smith, B.A. in English Education; Carlon Tschetter, B.A. in Communication Arts; Nicole Wayland, B.S. in Elementary Education.


  • ARLINGTON—Mary Owusu, B.S. in Health Care Administration; Stephen Speer, B.B.A. in Accounting;
  • AUSTIN—Ronald Flemmings, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • BRISCOE—Kelsey Zybach, B.B.A. in Finance;
  • BURKBURNETT—Pansy Stidom, M.S. in Community Counseling;
  • CANADIAN—Jessica Kidd, Bachelor of Social Work;
  • CEDAR HILL—Steven Martin, B.S. in Health and Physical Education;
  • DALLAS—Samuel Burnett, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • DARROUZETT—Lauren Coppock, B.S. in Nursing;
  • EULESS—Sangote Ulupano, B.S. in Athletic Training;
  • FORT WORTH—Ashley Howard, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • FRISCO—Kristin Daniels, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • MCKINNEY—Amber Higginbotham, B.S. in Health and Physical Education;
  • MIDLAND—Morgan Cox, B.S. in Biological Sciences;
  • N RICHLAND HILLS—William Rose, B.S. in Mathematics Education;
  • PLANO—Tayana Patrick, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • RICHARDSON—Christina Kneedler, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • SHAMROCK—Justin Peevey, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • WEATHERFORD—Channing Gann, M.Ed. in Sports Management;
  • WHEELER—Landon Sams, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • WICHITA FALLS—Amanda Clevenger, Bachelor of Music Education-Vocal.


  • BULGARIA—Dimitar Andreev, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • INDIA—Ravi Thakkar, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • NEPAL—Nanjila Chhetri, B.B.A. in Accounting; Niva Dangol, B.B.A. in Accounting; Anjuli Shrestha, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • NIGERIA—Ganiyat Toye, B.B.A. in Finance;
  • PUERTO RICO—Nelson Espinal, B.B.A. in Accounting;
  • ZAMBIA—Mweene Kabunda, M.B.A. in Business Administration.