Southwestern Oklahoma State University
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SWOSU Student Organizations Awarded $61,000

Fifty-three student organizations at Southwestern Oklahoma State University received funds totaling over $61,000 during the recent Student Activities Allocations Committee hearings on the Weatherford campus.

The allocation committee is comprised of 21 students, and their task is to hear presentations from student organizations and then determine funding for the various student organizations based on the 2015-16 budget of $63,000. The total requests made during the hearings totaled $282,000.

The five organizations allocated the most funds were Gamma Epsilon Alpha Delta, International Student Association and SWOSU cheer, each receiving $3,750; Fellowship of Christian Pharmacists, $2,500; and SWOSU Computer Club, $2,450.

Cindy Dougherty, dean of students at SWOSU, said all funds allocated are generated through student fees.

Members of the allocation committee are faculty-recommended and officially nominated by one of SWOSU’s deans. Students on the committee were:

  • Caleb Broce – Senior
  • Austin Brown – Senior
  • Elise Cornell - Freshman
  • Annette De Santiago – Graduate
  • Jayden Evans - Junior
  • Sarai Flynn – Graduate
  • Audrey Harcher – Senior
  • Dylan Hetherington - Sophomore
  • Cameron Horn – Sophomore (Chair)
  • Sawyer Johnston – Senior
  • Nicole Laitran – Junior
  • Seidy Marquez – Senior
  • Madison Murphy – Graduate
  • Varun Reddy Nagireddy – Sophomore
  • Davison Nguyen – Senior
  • Cassandra Obi – Graduate
  • Lindsay Pembook – Sophomore
  • Prabhjoyt Singh Saluja - Sophomore
  • Joshua Thompson - Graduate
  • Krystin Turney - Senior
  • Enrique Uribe – Senior