Southwestern Oklahoma State University
The Bark

SWOSU Students Scheduled to Complete Degrees This Fall


A total of 328 students at Southwestern Oklahoma State University complete requirements for either associate, bachelor’s or master’s degrees this fall on the Weatherford campus.

Students who complete their degrees include:


  • ARKANSAS—Jonathan Irvin, B.S. in Computer Science;
  • CARTHAGE—Jerry Burks, B.S. in Organizational Leadership;
  • HARRISON—Caden MacNeill, B.S. in Exercise Science;
  • SILAOM SPRINGS—Richard Maul, B.S. in Biological Sciences and Doctor of Pharmacy.


  • LEMOORE—Sarina Sayama, B.S. in Exercise Science;
  • SANTA ANA—Kirk Jones, B.S. in Exercise Science.


  • LITTLETON—Justin Pollmiller, M.B.A. in Business Administration.


  • COLBY—Bryan Brewer, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • EMPORIA—Angela Bartley, B.S. in Elementary Education.


  • CIRCLE PINES—Michael Lynch, M.Ed. in Sports Management;
  • MAPLE GROVE—Fatu Wleh, B.S. in Nursing.


  • SAINT LOUIS—Landon Tatum, B.S. in Health Information Management;
  • SAINT ROBERT—Michelle Lee, B.S. in Nursing.


  • SELDEN—Louisa Pangop, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • STONE RIDGE—Kara Jacobsen, M.ED. in Parks & Recreation Management.


  • LANCASTER—Melissa Golobic, B.S. in Nursing.


  • ALEX—Amanda Adams, B.S. in Computer Science; Rosalee Adams, B.S. in Computer Science; Isaac Byrne, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • ALTUS—Ryan Allen, B.S. in Elementary Education; Gary Bearden, B.B.A. in Accounting and B.B.A. in Finance; Derrick Bull, B.S. in Health And Physical Education; Alison Clinton, B.S. in Early Childhood Education; Justin Davidson, B.A. in History Education; Amanda Hayes, M.ED. in School Counseling; Daniel Hernandez, B.S. in Mathematics and B.A. in Spanish; Courtney Madison, B.S. in Special Education; Justin O'Neil, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Jeannette Raasch, B.B.A. in Management; James Studdard, B.B.A. in Accounting; Brandon Ybarra, B.S. in Health And Physical Education;
  • AMBER—Christina Brantley, B.S. in Nursing; Zachary Warner, B.S. in Health And Physical Education;
  • AMES—Caila Parker, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • ANADARKO—Savannah Kappelle, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • APACHE—Marcy Pye, M.S. in Healthcare Informatics & Information Management; Jimmy Shackelford, B.S. in Engineering Technology;
  • ARNETT—Natalie Bennett, M.ED. in Reading Specialist;
  • ASHER—Geoffrey Riddle, A.S. in Wildland Firefighting and B.S. in Parks And Recreation;
  • BARTLESVILLE—Avosuahi Baiye, B.S. in Industrial Technology; Spence Rigdon, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • BEAVER—Kaylee DeBose, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • BEGGS—Tiffany Copeland, M.ED. in School Counseling; Matthew Mauldin, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • BINGER—Carrie Compton, M.Ed. in School Psychometrist; Zachary House, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Kayla Klassen, B.A. in English Education;
  • BIXBY—Renee Davis, B.S. in Nursing;
  • BLAIR—Cyrus Burks, B.S. in Industrial Technology;
  • BLANCHARD—Paul Clark, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; LeaAna Gallemore, B.S. in Nursing; Stephen Wood, B.S. in Nursing;
  • BRISTOW—Donna Stivers, B.S. in Nursing;
  • BROKEN ARROW—Sarah Cook, B.S. in Nursing; Sang Huynh, Doctor of Pharmacy; Alison Murlin, B.S. in Nursing; Lau Nguyen, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Caitlin Shannon, Doctor of Pharmacy; Jamesa Williams, B.S. in Nursing;
  • BURNS FLAT—Sarah Harper, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • CALUMET—Jordan Tech, B.B.A. in Marketing;
  • CANUTE—Greta Cox, B.S. in Special Education;
  • CARTER—Kyrie Helling, B.B.A. in Accounting;
  • CHEYENNE—Samuel Maddux, B.S. in Computer Science; Randa Tracy, B.B.A. in Accounting;
  • CHICKASHA—Angela Morgan, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • CHOCTAW—Crystal Davis, Doctor of Pharmacy; Casie Richardson, B.B.A. in Accounting; Matthew Richardson, B.A. in Criminal Justice; John Williams, B.S. in Natural Sciences Education;
  • CLAREMORE—Molly Green, B.S. in Nursing; Nicholas Purtell, B.A. in Chemistry;
  • CLEVELAND—Jeremy McKinney, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • CLINTON—Colby Challis, A.S. in Wildland Firefighting and Doctor of Pharmacy; Natasha Jefferson, M.ED. in Early Childhood Development; Neema Kapadia, M.S. in Healthcare Informatics & Information Management; Kaylee Mayfield, Bachelor of Music Performance (Vocal); Annette Nowlin, A.S. in Cheyenne Arapaho Tribal College-General Studies; Griffin Steele, B.B.A. in Marketing; Danyal Walters, B.S. in Early Childhood Education;
  • COMANCHE—Brandi Brock, B.B.A. in Finance;
  • CORDELL—Tucker Blackburn, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law; Elaina Cameron, B.B.A. in Management; Haley Larsen, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • CORN—Saira Marrufo Quinones, B.A. in Spanish and B.S. in Early Childhood Education;
  • CUSHING—Andrea Bruce, M.ED. in School Counseling;
  • CUSTER CITY—Aileen Aiello, B.S. in Psychology; Steven Cornell, M.ED. in Parks & Recreation Management;
  • DEL CITY—Suzann Leskela, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • DEVOL—Jacob Beard, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • DEWEY—Staci Bankston, M.ED. in Educational Administration; Christopher Revard, M.ED. in Educational Administration; Travis Ruble, M.ED. in Educational Administration; Joshua Stowe, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • DUKE—Monica Claussen, M.ED. in School Counseling; Kevin Rice, B.B.A. in Finance;
  • DUNCAN—Tiffany Murray, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • DURANT—Lauren Rodriguez, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • DURHAM—Kelah Watson, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • EAKLY—Whitini Root, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • EDMOND—Kati Beisel, M.S. in Management; Emily Belz, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design; Kathleen Brown, B.S. in Nursing; Samantha Caudle, Doctor of Pharmacy; Angela Davis, B.S. in Health Care Administration; Sarah Evans, B.S. in Health Sciences; Gabrielle Kinser, Doctor of Pharmacy; Marina Masters, B.S. in Nursing; Antwoine Nguyen, B.S. in Biological Sciences Rekha Patel, Doctor of Pharmacy; Mark Wheeler, B.S. in Nursing;
  • EL RENO—Dylan Abner, B.A. in Communication Arts; Drew Brower, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design; Ferrell Gordon, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law; Jessica McClure, B.S. in Nursing; Blaine Owens, B.B.A. in Accounting; Aaron Scabby, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Jeremy Weimer, B.S. in Engineering Technology; Brittany West, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • ELGIN—Tonya Defoor, B.S. in Nursing; Jared Owens, B.S. in Special Education;
  • ELK CITY—Mackenzie Gifford, B.S. in Elementary Education; Elizabeth Mendoza, B.B.A. in Finance; Brooke Stevenson, B.S. in Computer Science;
  • ENID—Kayla Dickson, M.ED. in Sports Management; Katherine Liddell, M.ED. in School Counseling; Marie Oles, B.S. in Nursing; Shayla Reed, B.S. in Nursing;
  • ERICK—Kathy Jones, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • FAIRMONT—Haden Hedges, B.S. in Engineering Technology;
  • FAIRVIEW—Zoey Classen, B.S. in Exercise Science; Jeremy Quimby, B.B.A. in Management;
  • FORT COBB—Ricardo Gutierrez, A.S. in Wildland Firefighting and B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law; Dason Weaver, B.S. in Exercise Science;
  • FORT GIBSON—Tiffany Geisler, B.S. in Nursing;
  • FREDERICK—Stephen Nelms, B.S. in Exercise Science;
  • GRACEMONT—Steven Scott, B.S. in Engineering Physics;
  • GUTHRIE—Kerri Blackburn, Bachelor of Music Therapy-Vocal/K;
  • HARRAH—Kristina Dixon, B.S. in Nursing; Debra Peeples, Nursing; Christina Smith, M.S. in Management;
  • HEADRICK—Marque Mungaven, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • HINTON—Sarah Hadrava, B.S. in Early Childhood Education; Constance Stidham, B.S. in Psychology;
  • HOBART—Brett Barnett, B.S. in Health And Physical Education;
  • HOLLIS—Logan Daniel, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Rebecca Dill, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • HYDRO—Arlen Giblet, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law;
  • JONES—Karch Bullard, A.S. in Wildland Firefighting;
  • KEYES—Mackenzie Cochran, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • KIEFER—Kauli Broadhead, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • KINGFISHER—Taylor Holt, B.A. in English;
  • KREMLIN—Cody Groves, M.ED. in School Psychometrist;
  • LAWTON—Kelsey Fitzgerald, B.S. in Nursing; Kacoria Lassien, B.S. in Nursing; Shellina Mahoney, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Lon Pigrum, B.B.A. in Management; Gabriel Winn, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • LEEDEY—Landon Carpenter, B.B.A. in Finance;
  • LINDSAY—Cash Cooper, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • LOOKEBA—Daylon Hamilton, B.S. in Parks And Recreation; Shelby Hamilton, B.S. in Health Sciences; Michael Meeks II, A.S. in Tribal Administration;
  • MADILL—Stefan Jones, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • MANGUM—Crystal Biddy, B.S. in Psychology;
  • MCALESTER—Timothy Reid, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • MOORE—Ashley Amaireh, B.S. in Nursing; JoeDon Bruno, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law; Amanda Harness, B.S. in Nursing; John Jordan, B.S. in Nursing; Kelsey Visor, B.S. in Health And Physical Education;
  • MOUNDS—Autumn Sellers-Caldwell, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • MOUNTAIN VIEW—Cody Farr, B.A. in History Education; Thomas Hooper, B.S. in Engineering Technology;
  • MUSKOGEE—Robert Scott, B.S. in Nursing;
  • MUSTANG—Samantha Harvey, B.S. in Nursing; Jordan Pyle, M.ED. in Special Education;
  • NORMAN—Megan Abellera, B.S. in Nursing; Ashley Cooper, Nursing; Jenifer Fuchs, Nursing; Melissa Hopcus, Nursing; Paula Rother, Nursing; Jason Sanders, Educational Administration;
  • OKEENE—Mathew Benham, Doctor of Pharmacy; Calley Lamar, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • OKLAHOMA CITY—Abdul Al-Jarrah, Doctor of Pharmacy; Cajun Cox, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship; Theresa Dang, Doctor of Pharmacy; Ethan Davis, M.ED. in Parks & Recreation Management; Robert Fritz, B.S. in Nursing; Dillon Janz, B.S. in Parks And Recreation; Kathy Le, Doctor of Pharmacy; Kevin-Khiem Le, Doctor of Pharmacy; Tina Le, B.S. in Health Sciences; Avery Lee, B.S. in Psychology; Kaylan Liles, M.ED. in School Psychometrist; Whitney Mallett, B.S. in Nursing; Pius Mburu, B.S. in Nursing; Melissa Nguyen, B.S. in Nursing; Quynh Phi, Doctor of Pharmacy; Paige Reihm, B.S. in Early Childhood Education; Ashley Schuster, B.S. in Nursing; Skylar Sever, B.S. in Nursing; Christine Simpson, Nursing; Nhu Tran, Doctor of Pharmacy; Allison Truong, B.S. in Health Sciences; Gabriela Velazquez, B.S. in Nursing; Anna Vu, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • OWASSO—Samantha Billings, M.ED. in Special Education;
  • PARK HILL—Chelsea Harris, B.A. in Chemistry; Andrea Waldrop, B.S. in Nursing;
  • PAULS VALLEY—James Ely, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • PIEDMONT—Rachel Cowan, B.S. in Elementary Education; James Yeargain, B.S. in Industrial Technology;
  • POCASSET—Jessi Treadaway, B.S. in Exercise Science;
  • PONCA CITY—Jared Freeman, M.ED. in Educational Administration; Chinnis Lamirand, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • PORTER—Colby Garrett, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • PRYOR—Aubree McKinzie, B.S. in Nursing;
  • RED ROCK—Clayton Kincannon, B.B.A. in Management;
  • SALINA—Dalton Daniels, B.S. in Industrial Technology;
  • SALLISAW—Christian Meeks, B.S. in Biomedical Sciences;
  • SAPULPA—Deborah Wilson, B.S. in Nursing;
  • SAYRE—Robert Evenson, B.S. in Computer Science;
  • SENTINEL—Megan Celsor, B.S. in Nursing;
  • SHARON—Jennifer Nail, B.S. in Early Childhood Education;
  • SHATTUCK—Kiley Quisenberry, M.ED. in School Psychometrist;
  • SHAWNEE—Aaron Bushong, B.S. in Natural Sciences Education;
  • SKIATOOK—Augustus Anderson, A.S. in Wildland Firefighting; Lori Young, M.ED. in School Psychometrist;
  • SNYDER—Allie Ayers, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • STILLWATER—Randa Castleberry, B.S. in Athletic Training;
  • TAHLEQUAH—Jarrod Edwards, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • TALOGA—Donavan Ferguson, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • TECUMSEH—Stephanie Crawley, B.S. in Nursing;
  • TEXHOMA—Cash Overton, B.A. in Criminal Justice;
  • THOMAS—Shannon Cagg, B.S. in Organizational Leadership; Amber Frazier, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • TULSA—Brian Dao, Doctor of Pharmacy; Charles Morris, B.A. in Communication Arts; Hoa Nguyen, Doctor of Pharmacy; Xuan Diem Nguyen, Doctor of Pharmacy; Todd Nix, Doctor of Pharmacy; Nathan Phillips, B.S. in Nursing; Joshua Ramos, B.A. in Communication Arts; Cody Taylor, B.S. in Parks And Recreation;
  • TUTTLE—Stacey Gray, M.ED. in Educational Administration; Carisa Shipe, Nursing;
  • UNION CITY—Kelsey Cloyd, B.B.A. in Marketing;
  • WARR ACRES—Bruna Dalcin Da Cas, M.ED. in Sports Management;
  • WASHINGTON—Kelci Houck, B.S. in Nursing;
  • WATONGA—Coriann Hoar, B.S. in Exercise Science;
  • WAUKOMIS—Amanda Bozell, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • WAYNE—Ceri McCaffery, B.B.A. in Management;
  • WAYNOKA—Dustin Smith, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • WEATHERFORD—Safa Alshareef, B.S. in Computer Science; Rebecca Barnett, B.A. in Communication Arts; Chelsea Bates, B.S, in  Exercise Science; Joseph Bowron, M.ED. in Instructional Coaching; Erik Christensen, B.S. in Computer Science; Dalton Day, B.B.A. in. Accounting and B.B.A. in Finance; William DeFehr, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Jenny Gilbert, M.ED. in School Counseling; Mallory Hankins, B.B.A. in Marketing; Logan Heck, B.S. in Computer Science; Andrea Holgado De Brigueda, M.B.A. in Business Administration; Samantha Howard, B.A. in English; Alison Hughes, B.S. in Psychology; Erika Jones, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship; Shelby Josey, B.S. in Psychology; Shawna Kelley, B.S. in Elementary Education; Samjhana Kunwar, M.S. in Healthcare Informatics & Information Management; Lucas Little, B.S. in Parks And Recreation; Cale Longhofer, B.S. in  Parks And Recreation; Linzi Mackey, B.S. in Nursing; Donell Mathis, M.ED. in School Counseling; Melissa McCoy, Doctor of Pharmacy; Aaron McDonald, B.S. in Organizational Leadership; Morgandee Nix, B.S. in Health Sciences; Candace Owens, B.S. in Parks And Recreation; Joseph Poolaw B.S. in Engineering Technology; Tammy Poolaw, M.ED. in School Counseling; Lauren Robinson, B.S. in Elementary Education; Elisa Rogers, B.B.A in Entrepreneurship; Tia Sauer, M.ED. in Reading Specialist; Melissa Sharry, M.ED. in Reading Specialist; Justin Simpson, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law; Janet Smith, M.ED. in Elementary Education; Tyler Steinly, B.A. in Communication Arts; Keenen Taylor, M.B.A. in Business Administration; Andrew Willis, B.A. in History Education; Amanyl Zama, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • WELEETKA—Garrett Sheneman, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • WOODWARD—Eric Luthi, B.B.A in Accounting and B.B.A in. Finance;
  • WYNNEWOOD—Kaitlin Harrison, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • YUKON—Weston Anderson, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law; Rochelle Barringer, B.S. in Nursing; Shelley Glover, B.S. in Nursing; Justin Martin, M.B.A. in Business Administration; Kara Pippins, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Zackery Sitton, B.S. in Parks And Recreation; Megan Smith, M.ED. in Reading Specialist; Larenda Thomas, M.ED. in Special Education; Sara Wilkins-Lowder, M.ED. in School Counseling; Annie Zachariah, B.S. in Nursing.


  • BEAVERTON—Whitney Jones. B.S. in Nursing.


  • WHITEWOOD—Cassie Crowser, B.S. in Exercise Science.


  • ALLEN—James Chambers, B.S. in Exercise Science;
  • BOYD—Jessica Drake, B.S. in Early Childhood Education;
  • COMMERCE—Jeffrey Patel, Doctor of Pharmacy;
  • FRISCO—Jalen Dorsey, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • FRITCH—Tyler Overbay, B.A. in Chemistry;
  • FT. WORTH—Robert Baker, B.A. in Political Science;
  • HEWITT—Kaila Lancaster, B.A. in English;
  • HOUSTON—Huy Do, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Woodrow Turner, B.S. in Exercise Science;
  • KATY—Elisabeth Haley, B.S. in Exercise Science;
  • PARIS—Allison Attebury, B.S. in Natural Sciences Education;
  • PERRYTON—Storm Hoobler, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship;
  • PURDON—Johnna Smith, M.ED. in Sports Management;
  • RICHMOND—Eunice Nwokocha, B.S. in Biology, Microbiology;
  • ROCKWALL—Gentry Rogers, B.B.A. in Management;
  • SANGER—Colman Stephens, M.ED. in Sports Management;
  • SHAMROCK—Kaley Riley, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • WHEELER—Rachel Kidd, B.S. in Health Sciences.


  • MOUNT HOPE—Megan White, B.S. in Exercise Science.


  • CAMEROON—Njie Cho Ndi, B.S. in Engineering Technology;
  • SAUDI ARABIA—Mohammad Alkulaibi, B.B.A. in Management.