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SWOSU Computer Science Student Selected for Honors


Southwestern Oklahoma State University computer science student Oluwaseyi (Seyi) Oluwabamise has enjoyed some impressive accomplishments.

Oluwabamise participated as a paid intern in the SWOSU NASA research project and helped the team work on a guide to use High Performance Computing (HPC) resources to examine NASA satellite readings of Earth atmosphere aerosols and compare them to ground station readings.

She was then recently selected to present her work at the Women in HPC workshop during the 2016 International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis in Salt Lake City.

SWOSU computer science faculty Dr. Karen Sweeney and Dr. Jeremy Evert assisted Oluwabamise. Sweeney helped with the presentation and Evert assisted with the NASA research. SWOSU Computer Science Program Director Madeline Baugher and SWOSU Assistant Professor Dr. Amanda Evert played key roles in supporting both the NASA research and presentation at Salt Lake City.