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Five SWOSU College of Pharmacy Alumni Honored by Association


Five Southwestern Oklahoma State University College of Pharmacy alumni were recently honored on the Weatherford campus with awards from the SWOSU Pharmacy Alumni Association.

Honorees were Richard Covington, Chandler; Joseph Lawrence, San Antonio (TX); Dennis Curtis, Wichita (KS); Tracie Simard, Edmond; and Steve Pray, Weatherford.

The Humanitarian Award recognizes a SWOSU pharmacy graduate who significantly affected lives in a humanitarian way through service to their communities beyond the call of duty.  The award also recognizes the individual’s dedication to the pharmacy profession and extraordinary humanitarian service to society. Covington, a 1980 graduate, is this year’s honoree.

The Professional Achievement Award recognizes outstanding professional achievement.  The award recognizes individuals who have attained prominence in his/her field and also distinguishes the alumni who personify the SWOSU College of Pharmacy’s tradition of excellence. Lawrence, a 1985 graduate, was selected as this year’s recipient.

The Young Professional Achievement Award recognizes the outstanding professional achievement in the profession of pharmacy of an individual who has graduated from the SWOSU College of Pharmacy in the last 10 years.  Dennis Curtis, a 2006 graduate, is the honoree.

The Brandy Alumni Award recognizes outstanding service to the SWOSU College of Pharmacy and the Pharmacy Alumni Association.  It also recognizes the achievements of an individual working on behalf of the College of Pharmacy through service in alumni programs, on advisory committees or through efforts made to ensure the welfare of the College of Pharmacy. The 2016 recipient is Simard, a 2003 graduate.

And, the Dr. H.F. Timmons Award recognizes a SWOSU College of Pharmacy faculty, staff or administration member who has demonstrated extraordinary dedication and service to SWOSU, College of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Alumni Association and the community. Pray, a 1972 graduate, was honored this year.

The SWOSU Pharmacy Alumni Association exists to support the SWOSU College of Pharmacy students, alumni, faculty and friends.  Through annual and lifetime memberships and numerous alumni volunteers, the PAA assists the College of Pharmacy in its efforts to educate pharmacy students, provide opportunities for interaction with SWOSU pharmacy alumni and recognize the contributions and achievements of its pharmacy alumni.