Southwestern Oklahoma State University
The Bark

SWOSU Holds Campus Safety Awareness Month


For the third year in a row, Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford is observing Campus Safety Month during the month of September.

Bulletin boards have been prepared around campus promoting all types of safety. The boards contain posters about sexual assault, harassment, being a bystander in an unsafe situation, and other safety precautions. “10 Things to Know about Title IX” flyers were placed in every bathroom on campus to educate students on the rules and policies enforced by Title IX.

“Campus Safety Awareness Month is about raising awareness of sexual assault, alcohol abuse and anything else that will keep SWOSU a safe campus,” said Whitnie Holten, chair of the Campus Safety Awareness campaign.

The campaign runs through the end of September, but the SWOSU Dean of Students Office is always open to any questions or concerns about the safety of the SWOSU campus.