Southwestern Oklahoma State University
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Upcoming Date Reminders for SWOSU Students

With the end of semester approaching quickly at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, there are some important dates for students to remember:

Fall Semester

  • December 1, Friday: Last day to drop 2nd 8-week classes with a guaranteed “W”
  • December 6, Wednesday: Last day to drop 16-week classes and 2nd 8-week classes with instructor permission
  • December 10, Sunday: President’s Late-Night Pancake Dinner, 10-11:30 p.m. Memorial Student Center
  • December 11-15, Monday – Friday: Final exams
  • December 15, Friday: Semester ends and semester break begins
  • December 18, Monday: Final grades due
  • January 3, Wednesday: Final Transcripts will be available

Spring Semester

  • January 5, Friday - Enrollment for students who did not pre-enroll
  • January 8, Monday - Classwork begins
  • January 9, Tuesday - Last day to add 1st 8-week classes
  • January 12, Friday - Last day to add classes (16-week) and last day to drop 1st 8-week classes for a refund
  • January 22, Monday - Last day to drop a class (16-week) or totally withdraw for a refund