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Master of Education
In Education - Secondary Education

I.     Prerequisites:  See specialization departmental requirements.

II.    Required Professional Education Core

  • EDUC 5113 Introduction to Research
  • COUN 5513 Introduction to Counseling & Guidance
  • EDPSY 5723 Advanced Psychology of Learning
  • SECED 5833 Teaching in Secondary School

III.  Required courses in area of specialization:  See departmental requirements.

IV.  Other approved coursework to make a total of at least 32 semester hours.

V.    Capstone Experience

  • EDUC 5950 Graduate Capstone Experience (must be completed during final semester)

(Code No. 812)

I.     Combined undergraduate and graduate work in mathematics must total at least 52 semester hours.  The undergraduate and graduate total shall be on the level of College Algebra or higher.  The combined total shall include Calculus III and at least one graduate course each in algebra and geometry.

II. Prerequisites:  Completion of 36 undergraduate semester hours in mathematics.

III. Required Professional Education Core

  • EDUC 5113 Introduction to Research
  • COUN 5513 Introduction to Counseling & Guidance
  • EDPSY 5723 Advanced Psychology of Learning
  • SECED 5833 Teaching in Secondary School

IV. Required courses in Mathematics:  A minimum of 12 semester hours from the following (including at least one 5000 level course):

Mathematics Courses for Secondary Teachers

  • MATH 3113 Foundations in Mathematics
  • MATH 3433 Statistics I
  • MATH 3473 Introduction to Probability
  • MATH 3453 Mathematical Statistics
  • MATH 3533 Technology and Programming in Math
  • MATH 3553 Numerical Analysis
  • MATH 3653 Linear Algebra
  • MATH 3673 Elementary Number Theory
  • MATH 3713 College Geometry
  • MATH 4011-4 Seminar in Mathematics (Topic)
  • MATH 4133 Introduction to Mathematical Logic
  • MATH 4153 History of Mathematics
  • MATH 4213 Differential Equations I
  • MATH 4223 Differential Equations II
  • MATH 4233 Vector Analysis
  • MATH 4653 Modern Algebra
  • MATH 4753 Intro to Point Set Topology
  • MATH 4853 Advanced Calculus
  • MATH 4873 Complex Variables
  • MATH 5011-4 Seminar in Mathematics (Topic)
  • MATH 5612 Linear Algebra for Secondary Schools
  • MATH 5632 Abstract Algebra for Secondary Schools
  • MATH 5712 Current Trends in Secondary School Geometry
  • MATH 5812 Real Numbers

V. Other approved course work to make a total of at least 32 semester hours.

VI. Capstone Experience 

  • EDUC 5950 Graduate Capstone Experience (must be completed during the final semester)

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