This evaluation is totally anonymous.  If you have any of the following instructors this semester, please attempt to complete online Course/Instructor Evaluations by clicking the "Next" button.

Astle DJ
Clifton ER
Klein EO
Bagzis MR
Coker D
Kurtz HA
Ball WS
Dunn JW
Lackey RS
Belanger BM
Esjornson SM
Lawrence SD
Boggs LL
Fowler BL
Lloyd DJ
Boyd Rm
Gonzalez VH
May RD
Brogdon SL
Grant PM
McNamara TJ
Brown DR
Griffeath K
O'Neal SW
Case DA
Haught JC
Paul ER
Castle LM
Holgado AM
Woods KR
Chang J
Hunsicker JP
Young KD

Evaluations are generally available the last two weeks of the course before finals unless otherwise requested by the instructor.

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