This evaluation is totally anonymous.  If you have any of the following instructors this semester, please attempt to complete online Course/Instructor Evaluations by clicking the "Next" button.

Adams PA
Coker D
Horton CG
Parker PA
Akers WR
Collins JJ
Hummel PK
Parker T
Albrightson CR
Cothran RD
Johnson JL
Pate AE
Allen TG
Davis TL
Jones JL
Pate DS
Alsberg FG
DeVaughan CM
Jones ZF
Paul ER
Aracena J
East GG
Kelly WJ
Pritchard EL
Ashenfelter MD
Endicott LA
Kemp SE
Pye MA
Astle DJ
Evert AF
Kendall JH
Bagzis MR
Evert JP
Klein EO
Rickel BC
Ball WS
Flowers BA
Kurtz HA
Robertson S
Barnett AL
Flowers DB
Landrum-Geyer DJ
Roper LD
Bass JM
Ford TC
Lawrence DP
Russell LA
Baugher ML
Foster R
Lee CC
Stein AA
Beech J
Friesen LB
Leisering PL
Stubbs TK
Belanger BM
Gaydosik V
Leonard MD
Swartwood BH
Boggs LL
Grimes TB
Lloyd DJ
Sweeney KC
Boyd GA
Gursel Sevin T
Long JM
Thompson SM
Brewer LP
Hale JK
McKee HM
Tinder JE
Brogdon SL
Harrison MJ
McNamara TJ
Trubitsyn D
Campbell BD
Haught JC
Mickley LD
Wald LA
Carter AP
Hays RY
Moser TS
Wilcox RG
Cash JC
Henry TE
Myers JL
Willis AK
Castle LM
Hill JA
North MA
Woods KR
Chain RL
Holgado AM
O'Neal SW
Young KD
Chang J

Evaluations are generally available the last two weeks of the course before finals unless otherwise requested by the instructor.

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