This evaluation is totally anonymous.  If you have any of the following instructors this semester, please attempt to complete online Course/Instructor Evaluations by clicking the "Next" button.

Allen TG
Ellis TK
Hays RY
Pate DS
Aspedon MD
Esjornson SM
Lawrence SD
Prichard ML
Bagzis MR
Ferrell ME
Lloyd DJ
Smith TR
Belanger BM
Fleetwood AL
Long JM
Sobansky RR
Ball WS
Ford TC
McKee HM
Stein AA
Boyd GA
Foster R
North MA
Sturgeon AD
Brewer LP
Fowler BL
O'Neal SW
Sweeney KC
Brogdon SL
Gaydosik V
Pagliasotti JT
Wald LA
Christian BL
Grant ML
Parker PA
Woods KR
Eliason MK
Hacker RT

Evaluations are generally available the last two weeks of the course before finals unless otherwise requested by the instructor.

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