This evaluation is totally anonymous.  If you have any of the following instructors this semester, please attempt to complete online Course/Instructor Evaluations by clicking the "Next" button.

Allen TG
Endicott LA
Kodumthara SM
Rogers JM
Aspedon AR
Farris DK
Lee CC
Smith TR
Aspedon MD
Ferrell ME
Long JM
South JL
Barnett JR
Fleetwood AL
Lumpkin MH
Stein AA
Bates GE
Ford TC
Martinson SS
Stringer SA
Baugher ML
Foster R
May RD
Stubbs TK
Bendure WE
Friesen LB
McKee HM
Sturgeon AD
Bland VE
Garza HN
Neasbitt SK
Surman PJ
Boyd GA
Gaydosik V
North MA
Sweeney KC
Boyd RM
Grant ML
Pagliasotti JT
Talley KM
Brewer LP
Griffeath R
Parker PA
Tinder JE
Brogdon SL
Grimes TB
Pate DS
Tirk RJ
Campbell BD
Hays RY
Perkins CD
Trotter TA
Chambers RL
Henning HM
Pettit TB
Wald LA
Crall LD
Hughes AJ
Prichard ML
Widen DC
Edwards JH
Jackson CF
Ramsey RH
Young KD
Eliason MK
Kelly WJ
Robillard DL

Evaluations are generally available the last two weeks of the course before finals unless otherwise requested by the instructor.

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