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GED Information and Registration
Computer-based Testing
July 2013

Are you interested in taking the GED?

SWOSU is an official General Educational Development (GED) testing site.  This test is administered at the SWOSU Assessment Center (on the corner of 8th and College / 224 W. College) in Weatherford, OK

For more information and registration, access the following links:
  1. Register and schedule no more than two or three content areas at a time (about 240 duration minutes or four hours) here at SWOSU.  For example, you might schedule as much as Science, Reading, and Social Studies (which is 215 testing minutes plus tutorial minutes) for one appointment, and Math and Writing (which is 210 testing minutes plus tutorial minutes) for a second appointment.
  2. To pay for computer-based testing, a credit card will be required.  If you do not have a credit card, they are available to purchase at stores.
The GED is available in both English and Spanish versions.

  • Entire test battery:  $140 (subject to change).
  • Individual test component:  $28 (subject to change).
  • GED examinees must reschedule and cancel test appointments at least 24 hours before the appointment by logging into their GED online account (Link:  GED online account) or by calling the Call Center (877- 392-6433). Those who attempt to reschedule or cancel their appointment less than 24 hours from their appointment will forfeit their test fees.
TEST COMPONENTS (time does not include added tutorial minutes):
  1. 80 minutes--Science
  2. 65 minutes--Language Arts, Reading
  3. 70 minutes--Social Studies
  4. 90 minutes—Mathematics, Parts 1 & 2
  5. 120 minutes—Lang. Arts, Writing, Parts 1 & 2
GED tests may be administered only to individuals who meet eligibility requirements:
  1. Have not graduated from an accredited high school or received a high school equivalency certificate or diploma.

  2. Are not currently enrolled in a regular high school except for an approved GED Option for Selected Secondary Students.
  3. Meet the minimum age requirement of 16.
  4. Are an Oklahoma resident.
NOTE:  A new GED test series is expected to begin in 2014.  Therefore anyone who has not yet passed the entire current test by December 31, 2013 will need to start the entire test battery over in 2014 in order to try to earn the GED credential.

Before you begin the GED on test day, you must...
  1. Provide documentation that proves you are an Oklahoma resident (an Oklahoma driver's license, bill, envelope with postage cancelled, or paycheck stub with your address on it).
  2. Provide valid government-issued photo ID (driver's license, state ID, valid passport, military ID, tribal ID, or other forms of government-issued identification that shows name, address, date of birth, signature,and photo).  Photo ID cannot be expired and/or must have been issued within the last two years.
  3. If you require any accommodation(s), you must provide documentation.  Requesting accommodations should be done at least 30-60 days in advance of the test date. Testing accommodations are available for candidates with documented disabilities who demonstrate a need for accommodations.  See this link regarding GED Testing Accommodations:  GED Testing ACCOMMODATIONS
  4. If you have taken GED test components in a state other than Oklahoma, please plan to bring an official copy of the GED transcript to your testing appointment.
  5. If you are age 16 or 17, you will need an additional form called the CONSENT AND RELEASE FORM FOR 16 AND 17 YEAR- OLD STUDENTS. It must be signed by an administrator from the school district in which you live and by a parent. It informs the State that you are not enrolled in the public school system. The completed form and signatures must be notarized.  (A GED recipient’s high school class must have graduated to be eligible for higher education admission. The institution's president or the president’s designee may allow exceptions on an individual student basis.)  The form can be accessed at the link below:
Consent and Release Form for 16 & 17 Year-Old Students

Want to take GED classes?  For locations and contact information,
access the following link:  Oklahoma GED Classes

To prepare for the GED,
access the following link:  PREPARE to take the GED test

For a free resource to help pass the GED Math Test,
access the following link:  Prepare for the GED Math Test.

Practice Test:  PRACTICE TEST

For the GED Computer-Based Testing Tutorial,
access the following link:  GED Computer- Based Testing TUTORIAL

You will have a choice of using the on-screen calculator or the hand-held calculator.  For more information and practice,
access the following link:  Information about using the Calculator

Advantages to CBT testing:
  • More convenient with a wide variety of testing dates available.
  • Instant score results on all but the Language Arts Writing component.
SCORING: You must score a minimum total of 2250 (an average of 450 on all five subtests) to pass. A minimum score of 410 is required on each subtest. For example, if you score 400 on the math but have a total of 2260, you have not yet completely passed the GED exam. When you completely pass, you will receive a certificate that says "High School Diploma."

  1. Re-testing shall be permitted on the entire battery or on certain test(s). For computer- based tests in the English language, each candidate may test up to six times in each test section during a contract year.

  2. GED graduates who have earned a high school equivalency diploma or earned scores sufficient to qualify for a high school equivalency credential but who need to earn higher GED test scores to meet an admission requirement for postsecondary education or training or to meet employment requirements are eligible to retake the GED Tests.
  3. GED graduates who have earned a credential based on passing the French- or Spanish-language edition of the tests and need to pass the English-language version to qualify for employment or postsecondary education or training are also eligible to retake the GED Tests.

Taking the GED @ SWOSU:
SWOSU Assessment
224 W. College
Weatherford, OK  73096

For additional copies of your GED diploma and/or transcript,

access the following link:

If you require taking the GED in Spanish as a paper/pencil test, please contact:
Oklahoma City Adult Learning Center, 405-231- 2053

Lawton Adult Learning Center, 580-355-7727

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