The following online evaluations, surveys, and registrations are available periodically throughout the year.  If you are authorized to complete a selected evaluation/survey, you will receive an email of invitation.  Your login is:
  • SWOSU 6-digit ID Number (for example, 123456)
  • Swosu9999 (you should substitute 9999 with the last 4 digits of your social security number...for example, Swosu7890)

All SWOSU students (may also include both Nursing and Pharmacy students):
Course/Instructor Evaluation with Coupon opportunity (as requested by class instructor)

Also try this one if you are in the School of Nursing:

Also try this one if you are in Pharmacy Rotations:

If you have any difficulty, please contact:
Phone:    580-774-3084 (during regular business hours)

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