The SWOSU Interactive Map is now available to assist students, faculty & staff, parents, and visitors navigate around campus. (Printable Instructions - PDF)


1. Locations and/or information can be found by choosing to search by either Buildings or Topics. Select one by clicking the appropriate tab.

2. Once the Buildings or Topics tab is selected, there are three tabs at the top of the map. Select one of the tabs to continue the search.

  • Category - Buildings/Topics are grouped into categories to help narrow the search
  • A-Z - displays a complete list of Buildings or Topics (based on what is selected in step 1
  • Search - allows for keywords to be entered to search through the Buildings or Topics (based on what is selected in step 1)

3. Categories can be expanded to view a complete category list. Once expanded, the category list can be collapsed by clicking the category name.

Once a Building or Topic is selected, a window will open showing information similar to the graphic below.

Steps 4-5

4. Additional links might be provided for the Buildings and Topics. These links might be other buildings on the map or website links. Click Related Info to show these links. Once the list is expanded, click Related Info to collapse the list.

5. Buildings and/or Topics may have images or media attached. To preview these, click the left or right arrow to scroll through them.

There are features at the bottom of the map to help navigate through the map.

Steps 6-8

6. To locate available parking on campus, click the Layers button. By selecting the Accessible Parking option, accessible icons appear on the map in locations where there is accessible parking. Selecting the Parking option will highlight all campus parking in red. These are toggle buttons so clicking again will turn off the options. To hide the Layers options, click the Layers button.

7. Zoom in and out options are available for map viewing. Click the + or - to apply this feature.

8. The navigation area allows users to drag the navigation box to quickly move around in the map. The size of the navigation area is dependent upon the zoom applied.

9. Navigating in the map area can also be accomplished by placing the mouse pointer on the outer edges of the map. Directional arrows will appear and the map area will scroll.