Demonstrations and Peaceful Assembly

This policy is applicable only to the extracurricular use of any university-controlled facility or area used as a forum generally open to the members of the university community and others for the purpose of assembly or expression. It is the purpose of this policy to inform members of the University community and the public of the manner in which they may engage in constitutionally protected speech, expression, and assembly at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Time, Place and Manner Requirements

Expression may be limited or restricted with respect to time, place or manner. These limitations shall be customized (i.e. to ensure the protection of public order, to avoid scheduling two events at the same time, to avoid disruption of functions of the university including its teaching, research, administration, or disciplinary proceedings, public-service functions or other authorized university activity) to assure compliance with local, state and federal laws. Limitations shall be reasonable and applied without regard to the content of the expression or the purpose of the assembly, except for expression that is not protected by the First Amendment.

Three public forum locations at SWOSU for free speech rallies or demonstrations include the Bulldog Beanery, the lobby of the Student Center, and the area surrounding the clock tower located between the Library and the Student Center.

Requests for use of this forum shall be directed to the Dean of Students. Discussion with the Dean of Students may be required to schedule and plan the event, approve any use of sound amplification equipment, arrange for payment of any cost associated with the use of the forum, and resolve other issues that may arise.

In general, requests shall contain the name of the requestor or recognized campus organization, how he/she may be contacted; the proposed date and time for the activity; the expected size of the audience; the topic or subject to be addressed and any other information that might be necessary to accommodate the needs of the activity.

The request should be made no less than three days prior to the event, but as far in advance as possible to reserve the forum. The approval of the activity will generally occur within two working days of the request. To make these arrangements contact the Dean of Students located in 214 Stafford/580.774.3767.

All assemblies related to campus expression shall observe the Student Code of Conduct. The university shall assume initial responsibility for maintaining order by using the office of SWOSU Campus Police, recognizing that City, County and State enforcement bodies are available. The university retains the right to protect the safety of individuals, campus property and the continuity of the educational process.