F&A Distribution Explanation  \"osp-fa-distribution.pdf\"  
F&A Worksheet *  \"osp-fa-allocation-worksheet.xls\"  
Faculty Load Assignment  \"prov-facloadassign.xls\"  
Faculty Absence Request  \"hr-facabsreq.pdf\"  
Faculty and Staff Gift Form  \"fia-facstaffgiftfrm09.pdf\"  
Faculty Evaluation of Department Chairperson*  \"H:\Documents\Universityforms\coas\coas-facevaldeptchr.doc\"  
Faculty Peer Observation Form  \"prov-facpeerobs.doc\"  
Faculty Peer Observation Form for Online Courses  \"FACULTY  
Faculty Professional Development*  \"edu-profdev.pdf\"  
Faculty Report Form  \"\"  
Faculty Research Proposal - CPGS*  \"H:\Documents\Universityforms\cpgs\cpgs-facrschprop.doc\"  
Faculty Staff Paperless Payroll Check Stubs Directions  \"payroll-facstaff-myswosu-directions.pdf\"  
FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid  \"\"  
Fax Information  \"\"  
February 2011 (635KB) - Upward Bound  \"ub-feb11-newsletter.pdf\"  
FERPA Handout  \"doc-ferpa-handout.pdf\"  
FERPA-Block of Information*  \"reg-ferpa.pdf\"  
Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Appeal Request*  \"SAP  
Fine Arts Application*  \"H:\Documents\Universityforms\facc\facc-fineartscenterapp.doc\"  
Fleet Management Policy  \"bus-fleet-mgmt-plcy.pdf\"  
Forms of Identification  \"\"  
Fraternity Rush Letter and Registration  \"GO  
Fundraising Activity Approval*  \"SWOSU  
Intramural Flag Football Rules  \"wellness-intramural-flag-football-rules.pdf\"  
Log A  \"LOG  
Log B  \"LOG  
Log C  \"LOG  
Monthly Payroll Schedule 2016-2017  \"Monthly  
Monthly Payroll Schedule 2017-2018  \"Monthly