Add-Drop Form/Schedule Change Permit*  \"reg-add-dropfm.xls\"  
Application for Academic Appeal: Request to Change a Grade to a Withdrawal (“W”) Grade  \"reg-academic-appeal-w.pdf\"  
Degree Audit Key  \"\"  
Enrollment Schedule*  \"H:\Documents\Universityforms\reg\reg-enrollmentschedule.doc\"  
FERPA-Block of Information*  \"reg-ferpa.pdf\"  
Grading Instructions for Campus Connect  \"grading-instructions.pdf\"  
Legacy Verification*  \"reg-legacy-verify.pdf\"  
Name Change  \"Name  
Oklahoma High School 15 Unit Core Curricular Requirements  \"reg-okhighsch15unitcorereq.pdf\"  
Recommendation for Dropping Student from Class*  \"dos-recdrpstu.doc\"  
Request for Academic Appeal (W Grade)  \"reg-req-academic-appeal-w.pdf\"  
Request to Graduate in Absentia*  \"reg-reqgradabsent.pdf\"  
Request to Substitute Courses in Major/Minor Field*  \"reg-mmsub.doc\"  
Sayre to Weatherford Student Transfer Form*  \"H:\Documents\Universityforms\reg\reg-sayre-transfer.doc\"  
Senior Citizen Fee Waiver*  \"Senior  
Transcript Request  \"reg-transcript-req.pdf\"  
Transfer Recommendation Form  \"isa-transfer-rec.pdf\"  
VA-Direct Deposit Enrollment*  \"\"  
VA-Request for Change of Address/Cancellation of Direct Deposit*  \"\"  
VA-Request for Change of Program or Place of Training*  \"\"  
VA-Statement in Support of Claim*  \"\"