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Center for Hospitality Administration & Industry Research


HRGM-SWOSU offers programs and research to help support the hospitality operator, companies and organizations.

We offer a wide variety of programs, seminars, industry-oriented workshops, as well as Certification programs for working professionals.  HRGM also has an array of services available to regional hospitality businesses that can assist the independent operator with issues of service, cost controls, employee issues and training.  Our faculty is ready to assist in any research efforts from design of research instrument, collection of data and analysis of information.

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Listed below are programs and services available: (special consideration is given to S.E.A.T. members.)

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ServSafe Certification - Food Safety
The most recognized Food Safety program in the United States.  Developed by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and available in all 50 states this program is recognized and accepted by most State & Local Health Departments to satisfy Food Service employees and managers Food Handling Certification requirements.
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ServSafe Certification - Alcohol
The NRA program concerning the issue of Serving Alcohol with care and provides hospitality employees the certification often required by State and Local ABC agencies.
Hotel Professionals
Hotel Professionals "Boot Camp" Course
A fantastic and intense learning experience for all hotel professional owners and managers.  This experience is brought to you by the Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association (OH&LA) and SWOSU HRGM.

"Boot Camp" Information - in PDF format
"Boot Camp" Agenda - in PDF format
Gaming Managers "PowWow"
An informative 5-day workshop for all levels of gaming management that will cover topics as Guest Service, Regulation compliance, Player's Club Programs, Food & beverage operations, Wellness issues and much much more. The Program will be conducted at the Lodge @ Quartz Mountain.

Gaming Managers "PowWow" Information - in PDF Format
"PowWow" Agenda - in PDF Format
People, Product & Profits Workshop
People, Product & Profits Workshop
A Two-day workshop designed for restaurant owners and managers.  The topics covered are understanding the basics of floor control, capacity constraints, sales opportunities and strategies along with how to find, select, train and retain a superior workforce.  Finally, we dig deep into the Balance sheet, cost controls, P&L 's, Chart of Accounts and maximizing profits.

Workshop Program Information - in PDF Format
Quality Assurance Program
Quality Assurance Programs
Do your guests receive the same great service and attention that you do when you are on property?  As the owner, your staff is always on their toes while serving you or your family.  How can you know that the promise you make to the customer on Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Value (QSCV) is being delivered?  The answer is a Mystery Shopper program!  HRGM has drawn from faculty, staff and students a cadre of shoppers.  We train them to observe all the details, schedule them and process their reports so that you receive an e-mailed evaluation within 24 hours of the visit.  Ask us for details on program details and costs.
Employee Handbook
Employee Policy and Training Booklets
The SWOSU HRGM Program can help you design the necessary Orientation manuals, Policy & Procedures manuals and the individual job-specific employee training guides that your business needs.  Contact us and let's discuss your need and how we can help you meet it.
Guest and Industry Research
What do my customers feel about my service, my quality, the value of our product?  How do they rank us with the competition, who is the competition?  Are my employees happy, satisfied with their jobs, pay and benefits?  Are my managers treating my guests and employees well? Do we deliver superior service?  All of these questions and more can be answered by involving HRGM in a research project for your business.  We can help design the instrument, collect the data, analyze the results and provide you with a comprehensive report with suggestions, feedback and answers.  Contact us to learn more.
Employee Training Programs
Employee Training Programs
You found the perfect new employee, so how do you ensure that they receive the proper orientation and training?  Talk to us at SWOSU HRGM and we can help design and teach your managers how to implement that Employee Training Program that gets results and retains great performers.