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Hospitality is a complex business that requires a combination of  focused hospitality management courses as offered by the variety of college and university programs paired with hands-on experience gained working in the industry. We at HRGM-SWOSU, highly recommend that our students experience the work environment in conjunction with their pursuit of a degree. To accomplish that goal it is a requirement of the program that the student work a minimum of 200 hours in a hospitality-oriented business of their choosing during the time enrolled at SWOSU.  The HRGM program also provides for two other Internship opportunities. One is the required Internship course that is part of your chosen management option:

HOSP 2233 - Restaurant Arts Internship
HOSP 2133 - Hospitality Work Internship
HOSP 2333 - Gaming Internship

The second alternative is the Voluntary Internship Program where HRGM-SWOSU has arranged work internship with several of our industry partners during non-school periods. These internships are strictly on a voluntary basis and constitute an agreement between the Student and Hospitality Entity that is coordinated through the HRGM program but is not sponsored by or part of any course curriculum, nor offers any Credit Hours towards a degree offered by SWOSU. The hours worked in the voluntary internship can be applied to the 200 hour work experience requirement. You can find out more information on what Internships are available from whom, what are the requirements, and the applications below.

Work Experience

180 hours of actual employment in a hospitality enterprise while attending school.

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Summer School Internship @ The Lodge

Quartz Mountain Lodge

Offered during the Summer session, each of the Option Internships will be held at the Lodge at Quartz Mountain Park. HRGM will be offering the summer session off-campus from Sayre. The students will reside at Quartz Mountain Park for the 8 week school semester. Classes will be held Monday thru Thursday for 1 1/2 hours per day. The students will work at the Lodge as an hourly employee for at least 30 hours per week. The student will work in the hospitality segment related to their Major Option. Hospitality majors will work through the hotel operations, the Restaurant majors will work in the kitchen, restaurant, bar and banquet functions. The Gaming majors will work at the Comanche Nation Casino in Lawton.

HOSP 2233 - Restaurant Arts Internship

Students will work through all areas of the food service operation. Students will work with the Chef on basic culinary skills, food prep, menu planning and cost controls. The student will then work through all areas of the restaurant as a Host/Server/Bartender and Banquet server. This internship will give the student a complete indoctrination into all facets of food service operations during a busy period of time.

HOSP 2133 - Hotel Work Internship

The students will have the opportunity to work through all areas of a busy full-service hotel operation. They will experience the work performed by Front Desk personnel, Reservationist, Housekeeping and Laundry staff, Engineering staff, the Sales and Marketing department and the Administration and management.

HOSP 2333 - Gaming Internship

The HRGM Gaming major will experience first-hand employment at a local casino. The student will work through the various job functions at the Comanche Nations Casino in Lawton, Oklahoma. They will receive first hand experience as to daily operation requirements in a busy gaming environment.

Summer Internship at Quartz Mountain Lodge

Join us for a great Summer School Semester @ The Lodge

Hospitality Industry Internships (Voluntary)

At this time, there are no Internships available. Keep checking this page as we work to arrange great Internship opportunities with leading Hospitality Companies throughout Oklahoma and the United States.

Internship Application

Letter to Prospective Employer