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Welcome to HRGM

We serve our community by providing the Education, Research and Programs that are the nourishment necessary to a flourishing community and its survival

In pursuit of that mission, SWOSU-Sayre has implemented an Associate Degree Program in Hospitality, Restaurant and Gaming Management. Our goal is to educate our students so they can succeed as future managers and leaders in Oklahoma’s growing hospitality industry. We seek to offer research opportunities to the hospitality entities that can enrich their understanding of the complex dynamics necessary for success in an extremely competitive business. Finally, we seek to serve our community by providing a vehicle that will enhance the level of education and professionalism in the hospitality industry, an industry that will play a vital role in Oklahoma’s future growth and prosperity.

Overview of the Hospitality Industry

Hotel Professionals

The Hospitality Industry falls under the broad umbrella known as the Travel & Tourism Industry. Since the first human beings set foot outside their insular village into the larger world, the need for hospitality businesses has grown. This growth has been exponentially tied to each advance in modes of transportation and communication. As our global village shrunk, the hospitality industry has expanded. Today we have before us an industrial giant that employs hundreds of millions of employees, generates over a trillion dollar in sales and encompasses millions of establishments in every corner of the globe. The greatest irony is that the composition of this mega-industry is of millions of small, independent business owners laboring everyday to provide exceptional service to a demanding public. Even the industry colossus with its highly recognizable Golden Arches, McDonald’s, with its 25,000+ units worldwide and over $30 billion in annual sales is made up of individual franchisees that operate over 80% of those units. Small businessmen and women who operate anything but a small industry, often touted as the backbone of American enterprise.

The Hospitality Industry is a composite of a wide variety of diverse enterprise that includes: 

  • Restaurants
  • Airlines
  • Hotels and Lodging establishments
  • Country Clubs
  • Cruise Lines
  • Casino & gaming operations
  • Institutional Food Service
    • Hospitals
    • Correctional
    • Schools & Universities
    • Business & Industry
    • Senior Communities
  • Theme park & Attractions
  • Trade shows & Expos
  •  Resorts & Spas
  • Visitor, Convention, Travel & Tourism Agencies

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Hospitality in America

Oklahoma Hospitality Industry

Our Vision

SWOSU is a dynamic university that provides an environment for student and graduate success and public service through
  • academic excellence and innovative programs.
  • student-centered activities and opportunities.
  • programs that promote cultural inclusion and diversity; and
  • strategic alliances and collaborative agreements with the internal and external groups that share interests with SWOSU

Our Values

SWOSU confirmed its values with its stakeholders, stating that
  • we value the student-centered focus of faculty, staff and administration.
  • we value the quality of faculty, administration, staff and students in the area of teaching, service and scholarly activity;
  • we value our reputation as an institution that delivers quality programs of higher education that meet the needs of the population we serve; and * we value the quality of the physical environment of the campus.

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