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Day-to-Day Precautions

  • DO NOT OPEN AN ATTACHMENT unless you know specifically what the attachment is!
  • DO NOT open any attachment that ends with the extension .VBS!!!
  • Do not open the attachment even if it is from a friend unless you are expecting it. Your friend may be infected and completely unaware that you have received an email and attachment from him. This is the main method in which the worm virus reproduces.
  • Always keep your antivirus software updated. I provide an easy update every two to five weeks on our campus, but it is only as effective as your diligence to perform the update steps. In general is doesn't seem that important until a virus like ILOVEYOU emerges.
  • DELETE an email that you do not recognize or are not expecting. While it hasn't occurred all too often it is possible to create a virus that will infect your computer by just reading an email message. This is not the case with the ILOVEYOU virus, but still projects a reasonably dangerous threat so stay aware and don't be afraid to delete an unknown message.
  • If using a floppy or other media storage (i.e. zip disk, ls120, etc.) from an unknown source like a student then you should scan the disk before opening any of the files. This is not as common because of the ease at which viruses can be spread using the Internet, buy it is still a threat.
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