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Immediate Precautions at Home

All Internet users can use HouseCall, Trend's free on-line virus scanning service, to quickly scan their PC or download trial antivirus software for the best real-time virus protection available.

You can also have your system scanned for the most common viruses by using the system scanner available at ZDTV's Cybercrime Web site. Just go to http://www.zdnet.com/zdtv/cybercrime/ and click on the "scan me" icon.

You may also visit other sites like McAfee, Dr Solomons, or Symantic/Norton to purchase software to clean and protect your machine.

Note: It's absolutely critical that you go to the software's Web site and download the most current virus pattern. The site will have specific instructions for performing these steps. Without having the most current update then your antivirus program serves no purpose.

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