Southwestern Oklahoma State University

SWOSU Campus Security

Emergency Response & Evacuation Procedures (ERAEP)

The SWOSU administration will immediately notify the campus community in the event and confirmation of an emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of the campus community.

The decision to notify the community will be based on a case by case basis.  The initial recommendation will be made by law enforcement personnel at the scene and they will request notification of the campus community based on their professional judgment.  This recommendation can be made to any senior administrator, but is typically made to the President, Executive Vice President, or the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  The persons responsible for sending the official notification to the Campus community include, but is not limited to, the SWOSU Chief of Police, the SWOSU dispatcher, the SWOSU Information Technology Service Director and the SWOSU Vice President for Public Relations and Marketing. In the event of an incident which would require the larger community to be notified, information will be sent through the Internet, local media, and local cable channels if appropriate.

SWOSU law enforcement and designated persons will test the ERAEP annually and document the information concerning a description of the exercise, i.e. date, time and if announced or not announced. This documentation will be kept in the Annual Security Report paper file at the Administration Building.