Southwestern Oklahoma State University

SWOSU Campus Security

Introduction and General Statement

The SWOSU Campus Police (Fulltime and Reserve officers) is the law enforcement division of Southwestern Oklahoma State University and was authorized by State Statute, Title 74, SS 360.17, in 1963 which gave the Board of Regents authority to appoint peace officers.

The SWOSU Campus Security provide the same services one would expect from any city, county or state law enforcement agency, and is responsible for enforcement of all state laws as well as rules and regulations of Southwestern Oklahoma State University. SWOSU Security have the legal authority to make arrests, issue traffic citations, conduct criminal investigations, serve warrants, and issue summons for parking violations.

The SWOSU Campus Security provide a sensitive, meaningful, measured approach to situations which require police assistance, while at the same time maintaining the autonomy of the University.

The Southwestern Oklahoma State University Sayre campus consists of 7 permanent buildings; all of which are protected by the  The SWOSU Campus Police and Sayre Police Department. The SWOSU Campus Security has the responsibility for the protection of persons and property of approximately 500 students, 40 faculty and staff members, and many visitors that frequent the campus each year.