Southwestern Oklahoma State University

SWOSU Campus Security

Policy Statement Addressing Campus Law Enforcement Authority

SWOSU Campus Police is the law enforcement division of Southwestern Oklahoma State University and is authorized by State Statute, Title 74, SS 360.17.  In 1963, this state statute gave the Board of Regents authority to appoint peace officers.

Full-time officers & reserve officers have enforcement and arrest authority on the SWOSU campus. SWOSU Campus Police have a mutual agreement with the Sayre Police Department, allowing for cooperation in enforcement activities and the sharing of enforcement.

SWOSU Campus Police have complete police authority to apprehend and arrest anyone involved in illegal acts on-campus and areas immediately adjacent to the campus. If minor offenses involving university rules and regulations are committed by a university student, the campus police may also refer the individual to the disciplinary division of student affairs. Major offenses such as rape, murder, aggravated assault, robbery, and auto theft are reported to the local police and joint investigative efforts with investigators from SWOSU Campus Police and the city police are deployed to solve these serious felony crimes. The prosecution of all criminal offenses, both felony and misdemeanor, are conducted at municipal, county, or federal court.

SWOSU Campus Police work closely with local, state, and federal police agencies and have direct radio communication with the city police department on the city police radio network. The SWOSU Campus Police are also a part of the county 911 emergency system.

By mutual agreement with state and federal agencies, the SWOSU Campus Police maintain a link with the OSBI. Through this connection, police personnel can access the national crime information computer system as well as all information enforcement system. These computer databases are used for accessing criminal history data, nationwide police records, driver/vehicle identification information, as well as other local, state and federal law enforcement information.

Per agreement with the local police departments, the SWOSU Campus Police's jurisdiction extends to any university owned or leased property and  in outlying areas. These areas are patrolled jointly by both university and city police.

See jurisdictional maps.

Through coordination with local law enforcement agencies, any criminal activity engaged in by students at off-campus locations of student organizations, is monitored and recorded. This information is provided to the dean of students for any action or follow-up that may be required.